• Startup Tip: Don't Pick A Name With "ebay" In It. (Tweebay Now Tweba).

    After being “asked to rename Tweebay by a rather large corporate,” UK developer Paul Rawlings tells me he has decided to rename his Twitter marketplace Tweba. When I first wrote about Tweebay, a classifieds service that uses direct messages on Twitter to confirm bids, I wondered if “eBay might consider it a violation of its trademark.” The name effectively conveyed… Read More

  • Tweebay Offers A Rudimentary eBay For Twitter

    Call it micro-classifieds. Paul Rawlings, a developer in the UK, launched Tweebay on Christmas Day, a classifieds listings service for Twitter. You use your Twitter account to buy and sell stuff (perfect for those unwanted holiday gifts). Instead of entering your Twitter password, you simply follow Tweebay on Twitter, and you confirm your bids via direct message (Twitter’s private… Read More