Comcast Confirms That Its Merger With Time Warner Cable Is Dead

Comcast has dropped its plans to merge with Time Warner Cable. <a href="">Bloomberg reported yeste

Comcast May Walk Away From Its $45B Deal To Buy Time Warner Cable

The $45 billion marriage of Comcast and Time Warner Cable may be left at the altar, after reports surfaced today that Comcast itself might walk away from the deal. According to Bloomberg, an announcem

FCC Delays Review Of Comcast-TWC Merger Over Undisclosed Documents

The FCC pressed pause on its review of the proposed Comcast-TWC merger after learning that thousands of documents it should have had access to were withheld. The roughly 7,000 documents were not di

Apple’s Reported Time Warner Cable Deal Great For Extending Provider Reach, But Not For Real Change

Apple is said by Bloomberg to be working on a deal that would bring Time Warner Cable content to its Apple TV set-top streaming box, for subscribers to TWC's existing cable packages. Which is nice, fo

Congressman fighting for your right to download

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