• TVtrip Raises €7 Million More For Hotel Video Reviews

    Paris-based TVtrip has scored €7 million (nearly $9 million) in venture capital funding on top of its previous $4.8 million Series A round, bringing the total of capital invested in the company up to a healthy $13.8 million (excluding the undisclosed angel funding the company raised to get started). Previous investors Balderton Capital and Partech International participated in the second… Read More

  • Tripr.TV: Get Paid For Hotel Videos

    Hotel video guides are a vertical that has started to grow from nothing in the last nine months. We covered Trivop in June 2007, a site billed as the first video guide for hotels. Then came TVTrip, another videoguide for hotels that scored $4.8 million in funding in July. Both sites rely on professionally recorded video. New comer Tripr.TV is embracing the move towards compensating user… Read More

  • TvTrip Brings a Fresh New Look at Video Guides for Hotels

    TvTrip is offering a multimedia hotel guide with videos professionnally produced helping users choose better the hotels and even the rooms they will be staying at (read our initial review here). This startup hearquartered in Belgium with offices in Paris London and Singapour launched in June and is backed by 2 european VCs, Partech and Balderton. They are now out of beta (check out the… Read More

  • TVtrip's Multimedia Hotel Directory Gets $4.8 Million

    A month after launch, TVtrip has secured another round of financing from Benchmark’s European Branch, Balderton, and Partech, which will be announced tomorrow. Along with the financing they’ve also expanded their directory of hotel videos and added some more travel executives to their board. Their directory has moved beyond London and Paris, now including Germany, Italy, and Spain. Read More

  • Tvtrip: The Second Video Guide for Hotels

    Earlier this week we covered Trivop, which billed itself as the first video guide for hotels. Today, Tvtrip, another European startup, is launching their own guide. Counter to Trivop’s straightforward mashup of videos and Google maps, Tvtrip is focusing on “experiencing” the hotel and location overall before you rent. And yes, the names are ridiculously similar an… Read More