TV tuner

Tiny Asus USB TV tuner turns your laptop into a PVR

<img src="" />This Express TV stick thing could be pretty handy. Of course, there are other TV tuner solutions out there, but are any

Tivo announces software to turn your PC into TV recorder

Remember back in November, we told you about Tivo jumping in the sack with Nero AG? Me either. Later today, presumably in the afternoon when everyone is awake, they will finally announce the software

Millions of poor Japanese to get digital TV tuners for free

In light of the end of analogue TV broadcasting in Japan in July 2011, the Japanese government today announced that it’s considering providing up to 1 million households on welfare in this count

Sony Announces PlayTV For PAL Territories

Apparently Sony favors PAL countries more than us. Sony officially announced today the PlayTV, which is a combination TV tuner and PVR. The UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will get first dibs ear

AVerMedia Announces Hybrid TV Tuner Expresscard

AVerMedia has released a Hybrid TV tuner ExpressCard that relays HD and analog content to your laptop. The AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Expresscard (could it get any longer?) allows you to watch OTA, coax

Buffalo USB Digital TV Tuner For Macs

Buffalo is showing Japanese Mac owners some love with the DH-KONE/U2MA digital TV tuner. It plugs right in via USB and has a built-in booster circuit with a highly sensitive tuner and a double noise f

Digital TV Tuner To Launch With PSP Slim

Over in Japan where everything is cooler, better, and full of tentacles, you’ll have the luxury of watching TV on your PSP – at least when September 20th hits. To coincide with the launch

Sharp Announces Five HD Recorders

Following the announcement of the new G-Series AQUOS LCD TVs Sharp has also announced five digital TV tuners that come in 250GB (DV-ACW72), 500GB (DV-ACW75) and 1TB (DV-ACW80) capacities. The top-of-t

Kyocera Wonder Phone

Kyocera today unleashed upon Japan the W51K, a device that I’m extremely jealous of. This svelte wonder comes with 65MB of on-board storage, TV tuner, FM tuner, MP3/video playback and a 2-megapixel