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  • Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft has put out a TV commercial for the holidays. In it, some things happen…mostly singing. There are employees, kids and other things going on in a New York City setting. Apple’s back yard on 5th Ave, to be specific. My colleague Alex and I hopped into Slack, watched it together and shared our thoughts. We think that Microsoft is trying to say that they’re friends, or… Read More

  • From 1978: Unbelievable Japanese "Star Wars" TV spot for "sea chicken"

    Star Wars has always been popular in Japan, so seeing Luke Skywalker et al. in a Japanese TV commercial from the 1970s isn’t a big deal in itself. But seeing the Star Wars franchise being used for promoting “sea chicken” (canned tuna) is kind of unusual. Needless to say, the gaijin acting in the TV spot, which was first aired on Japanese TV in 1978, are just look-alikes. Read More

  • Japanese cell phone commercial: Brad Pitt plays disgruntled sumo champion's butler (video)

    Brad Pitt has been shooting TV commercials for Japan’s third biggest cell phone carrier SoftBank for a few years now, and more often than not, he plays a total moron. In this new spot, currently in heavy rotation on Japanese TV, he tries everything to please sumo champion Musashimaru. Read More

  • Video: David Fincher's iPhone 3G S TV commercial

    Apple has hired David Fincher, director of movies such as Fight Club, Zodiac or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to direct a TV commercial for the iPhone 3G S. The 30-second spot is supposed to push the phone’s video recording feature. Fight Club cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth took over the camera work for the commercial, which was released today. Commercial after the jump. Read More