• ZP reviews Haze

    http://static.escapistmagazine.com/media/global/movies/player/FlowPlayerDark.swf Not one of his best, but he is pretty mean to this game that looks like a cross between Halo and Turok and little else. Read More

  • ‘Turok’ movie coming, starring Adam Beach?

    There’s going to be a live-action movie in the works based on “Turok,” which many of you might find familiar from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the Nintendo 64. Apparently it was also a comic book, too, and it appears that the movie will be more based on the comic book than the game, which is probably a good thing. The movie will star Adam Beach, who’s had some good roles. Read More

  • The Reason For Owning A PS3: Turok 3

    Hell Yes Way back in the day, the Nintendo 64 once has a brief series called Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. What many don’t understand is that Turok was one of the best first-person shooters in the history of gaming. Between the big head cheat codes, vast levels, and excellent graphics, you also got to kill dinosaurs. That’s about as good as it gets I’d say. That was the past… Read More