Turntide Technologies

VC Brendan Wallace of Fifth Wall isn’t quite ready to invest in the metaverse

Almost exactly two years ago, we talked with Brendan Wallace, the co-founder of the property- and real estate tech-focused venture firm Fifth Wall, about a trip from which he’d just returned. His vi

Sustainable tech developer Turntide Technologies raises $225M

Turntide Technologies, a sustainable technology developer, has announced $225 million in convertible note financing that it says will help fund projects to reduce carbon emissions in the commercial bu

Mainspring Energy launches its flexible fuel generator with a $150 million NextEra Energy contract

Mainspring Energy, the developer of a new generator technology that use fuels like biogas and hydrogen, has unveiled its Mainspring Linear Generator, with a $150 million contract with NextEra Energy R

Firms backed by Robert Downey Jr. and Bill Gates have funded an electric motor company that slashes energy consumption

Sometimes the smallest innovations can have the biggest impacts on the world’s efforts to stop global climate change. Arguably, one of the biggest contributors in the fight against climate chang