Amazon’s Clubhouse competitor may let you DJ your own radio show

Amazon is said to be working on a live audio app that sounds like it will let anyone be the DJ of their own radio show — including music. It's called 'Project Mic,' and will be U.S-focused at first.

Turntable.fm competitor tt.fm launches beta app for iOS and Android

You’d be forgiven for being confused. I’ve been following this story and am currently writing it and I’m still fairly confused. But Turntable (or tt.fm), not to be confused with Turntable.fm

Call it a comeback: Turntable.fm raises $7.5M

Earlier this year, Turntable.fm’s founder Billy Chasen dusted off the old site and resurrected it for the pandemic age. I know I wasn’t the only one feeling a wistful pang of nostalgia for the

Earbuds lets audiences stream the playlists of athletes, entertainers and each other

Earbuds, a new startup from Austin founded by former Detroit Lions lineman Jason Fox, wants to bring the power of social media to your eardrums. The company is one of a growing number of startups tryi

Spotify is building shared-queue Social Listening

Want to rock out together even when you’re apart? Spotify has prototyped an unreleased feature called “Social Listening” that lets multiple people add songs to a queue they can all l

UPDATED: Turntable.fm Clone Plug.dj Has Shut Down

9/28/15 UPDATE: According to a blog post on its site, Plug.dj has shut down as of 3PM PT. A playlist export tool is available. Thank you for the fun! We’ll be shutting down at 3PM PDT today –

Be A Mashup DJ With Turntable Founder’s Crossfader App

No ProTools, no record players, no DJ skills required. With Crossfader, you just swipe between songs, pick two you like, and tilt back and forth to mix them into a mashup. This is Turntable.FM co-foun

Turntable.fm Shutting Down So Company Can Focus On Turntable Live Events Platform

Today, Turntable.fm has announced that it will shut down its ‘virtual dj’ product entirely to focus on its new Turntable Live platform, which attempts to replicate the ‘being there&#

Piki.fm Goes From Beta To Public As TurnTable Launches Its New Social Network For Music Lovers

Today, Turntable.fm's latest mobile venture is launching <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/12/03/meet-turntables-piki-the-first-music-app-to-do-social-music-sharing-right/">out of beta</a> as a fre

Meet Turntable’s Piki, The First Music App To Do Social Music Sharing Right

<a target="_blank" href="http://turntable.com/">Turntable</a> today introduced <a target="_blank" href="https://piki.fm/">Piki</a>, a Pandora-like, human-powered radio app combined with powerful Twi

Turntable.fm Moves The Concert From A Club To A Stadium

<a target="_blank" href="http://Turntable.fm">Turntable.fm</a>, my music streaming service of choice, just updated its platform this morning. Along with a cleaner, much more sleek interface comes the

Turntable.fm Founder’s New DJZ Dance Music Site And DJZtxt App Will Make Your Eyes And Ears Bleed

Electronic dance music (EDM) is all the rage with kids born after 1990 (Generation Z), and Turntable.fm founder Seth Goldstein is bringing the scene online. Today he launches <a target="_blank" href="

Rep Your Favorite Startups In Turntable.fm With Stickers For Your DJ Laptop

The appeal of social music platform <a href="http://turntable.fm/">Turntable.fm</a> has been its synchronous music listening in public dance rooms. Anyone can become the MC, playing the tunes and play

Licensed To Spin: Turntable.fm Inks Deals With The Big Four

From the outset, the biggest appeal of social music platform <a href="http://turntable.fm/">Turntable.fm</a> has been its synchronous listening in public rooms where anyone can become the dee-jay. Of

Turntable.fm’s Anti-SOPA Message Is Subtle, But Wonderfully Symbolic

Regardless of where you stand on the SOPA battle, you've got to agree: seeing what seems to be the entire Internet come together to stand against something is <em>incredible</em>. <a href="https://tec

Turntable.fm Founder Says He’s Flattered By Facebook Listen With, But They’re Different

"I'm flattered Facebook was inspired by <a href="http://turntable.fm/" target="_blank">turntable.fm</a> and created a listen together feature" says co-founder Billy Chasen about Facebook's <a href="

Announcing The 2011 Crunchies Finalists And Tickets On Sale Now

The nominations have been tabulated and the votes are in. Over 300,000 nominations were calculated across 20 categories. Along with our partners <a href="http://gigaom.com/" target="_blank">GigaOm</a>

(Founder Stories) Turntable.fm’s Billy Chasen: “Whatever It Takes, Get That Product Out There”

Having launched two companies that have gone in dramatically different directions; one's secured <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2011/09/13/turntable-fm-7-million-round-fred-wilson/">$7-million in fun

(Founder Stories) Turntable.fm’s Top Priority: “Nail Product & Fix Anything That Is Not Working”

In <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2011/12/11/founder-stories-turntable-fms-billy-chasen-on-closing-stickybits-none-of-us-used-the-app/">episode I</a> of <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/person/c

(Founder Stories) Turntable.fm’s Billy Chasen On Closing Stickybits: “None Of Us Used The App”

When we first invited <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/person/billy-chasen">Billy Chasen</a> to join us on <em>Founder Stories</em> he was working hard to make his startup, <a href="https://techcr
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