Turner’s new sports streaming service, Bleacher Report Live, will let you pay per game

Well, at least it’s not another subscription service. Turner today announced the forthcoming launch of its new live sports streaming service, Bleacher Report Live, which is expected to roll out

YouTube TV raises pricing, expands with Turner, NBA, MLB additions

YouTube TV today announced a significant expansion of its channel lineup thanks to new deals with Turner, NBA TV, and MLB Network. A number of Turner-owned networks will be added to YouTube TV’s

Time-Warner’s Turner opts for AWS as its preferred cloud provider

All of the hyper-scale cloud providers love to tout their new customer acquisitions: Google talking about Spotify; Microsoft signing up various Adobe services for Azure; or AWS working with the likes

Boomerang launches a $5 per month cartoon streaming service

Time Warner’s Turner and Warner Bros. have joined the now-crowded market of subscription-based streaming services with the launch of Boomerang, a $5 per month service that streams both classic

Turner’s streaming service for film geeks, FilmStruck, goes live

FilmStruck, a new streaming service aimed at film geeks developed by Turner Classic Movies, has now launched. Announced earlier this year for a mid-October arrival, the service belatedly debuted with

Wattpad teams up with Turner and Tales from the Crypt

Social publishing platform Wattpad is announcing one of the first partnerships as part of its new Wattpad Studios program — the company has struck a deal with Turner to help generate ideas for shows

Turner to launch its own movie-streaming service, FilmStruck

New video streaming services are launching left and right these days, and now Time Warner-owned Turner is looking to get a piece of the action for itself, too. The company announced this morning plan

Turner Media Camp Demo Day Highlights Five New Startups

It’s like summer camp, but for grownups, according to a video shown as Turner Media Camp's third Demo Day kicked off. Warner Bros. and Turner's media-focused accelerator culminated Thursday as a

Turner’s Media Camp Announces The Next Five Startups To Go Through Its Media-Centric Incubator

Last Summer, Turner announced that it was creating a startup incubator focused just on young companies that were creating products for media businesses. The incubator, called Turner Media Camp, would

Amazon’s Exclusive Deal With Turner And Warner Bros. Brings Two Top TNT Shows To Amazon Instant Video

Following <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/12/13/amazon-puts-instant-video-on-iphone-and-ipod-touch-cloud-player-music-on-roku-and-samsung-smart-tvs/">last week's move</a> to bring its Inst

Update: It’s Done. Time Warner Buys Bleacher Report, Price Reportedly $175M

<strong>Update</strong>: TBS has now confirmed that it has bought Bleacher Report. The division will become a part of the Turner Sports division. That group currently manages digital properties on be