Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey

Wikipedia, the online user-generated encyclopedia, has been blocked by the Turkish government. News of the blockage was first reported by the website Turkey Blocks, at around 1AM Eastern this morning

Erdogan’s victory means uncertain times for Turkey’s startups

In 2008 I had the privilege to travel to Istanbul to check out the tech scene.  I’d arranged a tech startups meet-up with Arda Kutsal, a local blogger who’d started Webrazzi, a tech blog. I lande

Crunch Report | Apple’s New Video Editing App

Apple creates a new video editing app called Clips, large electronics are now banned from flights to the U.S. coming from 13 countries and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building full-si

Scorp is a fast-growing social video app you’ve probably never heard of

Scorp, a startup out of Turkey, offers another take on the social video theme. The app lets you upload 15-second videos on any topic, such as your view on Trump's immigration controls. In fact, its yo

How startups thrive in emerging markets

Plagued by terror attacks and distracted by volatility from within and by neighboring civil issues, Turkey has made quite a few headlines recently. These have been happening to a country that was once

Turkey maintains Tor block, flicks social networks offline for 12 hours

In light of the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov, Turkey further tightened its already restrictive limits on certain forms of internet use. The most recent censorship thrust followed

Lab-made meat startup Memphis Meats hopes to grow a Thanksgiving turkey

Memphis Meats sizzled onto the startup stage earlier this year with a lab-grown meatball. Now, it’s entertaining the idea of growing other meats — including turkey. The startup has create

Turkey blocks social media sites again to stall protests — here’s how to access them

Turkey has once again blocked access to social media in an apparent effort to keep a lid on protests; many in the capital and elsewhere are demonstrating following the arrest of a number of opposition

As Turkey’s coup creates a new political reality, startups turn east for growth

Elmira Bayrasli Contributor Elmira Bayrasli is the co-founder of Foreign Policy Interrupted and the author of From the Other Side of the World: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Unlikely Places. More posts

How to circumvent Turkey’s social media block

Access to several social media sites was blocked for over an hour in Turkey today during a reported military coup. Although internet traffic appears to be flowing normally again, Turkey’s government

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube blocked in Turkey during reported coup attempt

The Turkish military has deployed in Istanbul and Ankara, and the government has apparently blocked social media in response to what is being reported as an attempted coup.

PayPal to halt operations in Turkey after losing license, impacts ‘hundreds of thousands’

Turkey has been making moves to bring tech business in the country under more localised control, and today big U.S. online payments company PayPal became the latest casualty. The company announced t

Startup Turkey, in its 8th year, reveals a vibrant Turkish startup ecosystem

In its eighth year, Startup Turkey, a gathering of 600, is one of the country’s premier startup events.

The World In ‘Scope

Movies, financial markets and fashion trends all fall into frenzies, dips and lulls. Consumer apps are much the same. Whether it’s photo-sharing, anonymity or live streaming, it seems that a conflue

Twitter Files For Lawsuits In Turkish Courts To Challenge The Country’s Access Ban

Twitter has just announced that it has formally joined the cause of those defending use of its service in Turkey, by filing petitions for lawsuits in a number of Turkish courts after working with its

Turkey Moves To Block Twitter At The IP Level

In its effort to curtail access to Twitter, Turkey is getting more aggressive with a block of the service's IP address, according to sources inside Turkey as well as a DNS provider. That means that ch

Turkey Blocks Google DNS, YouTube Could Be Next

The social media crackdown in Turkey continues, as the country has moved to block backdoor access to communications services like Twitter via Google DNS. YouTube, another service offered by the global

The White House Blasts Turkey For Blocking Twitter, Calls For Its Reinstatement

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today responded to the Turkish government's attempt to block Twitter in the country. The suppressive effort failed in the most basic sense, as Twitter users coul

Twitter Says It Is Standing By Its Users In Turkey, Hopes To Have Access ‘Returned Soon’

Help appears to be at hand for advocates of free speech in Turkey, where Twitter <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2014/03/20/twitter-goes-dark-in-turkey-hours-after-the-countrys-pm-threatened-to-w

EarlyBird Raising $130M To Fund Startups In Turkey And Central Eastern Europe

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.earlybird.com/">Earlybird</a>, the Berlin-based VC that has focused on backing startups in Europe and other ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley, is today announcin
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