• For Teracent Rival Tumri, Google Becomes A Frenemy

    Google’s acquisition of display advertising startup Teracent yesterday had significant meaning for rival Tumri; the San Mateo-based advertising platform now counts tech giant Google as a competitor. Tumri, which launched in 2004, provides a similar advertising technology to Teracent. The startup’s product, the AdPod, creates display ads that are customized in realtime to the… Read More

  • Google Mafia Update: AdSense's Gokul Rajaram Joins Tumri Board

    Ever since Google options finished vesting, people have been wondering what will become of the Xooglers after they take their money and jump into something new. Google’s former Product Management Director for AdSense, Gokul Rajaram has decided to take a position on the board of Tumri, a display advertising startup that delivers dynamically targeted ads. Rajaram served at Google from… Read More

  • Attack of the Advertising Widgets

    Widgets are being turned into advertising delivery systems. Their nature – rich media applicatons that are easy to build, customize and add to a site – also make them an attractive way to add advertising to small sites. Google is now testing gadget ads, and we’ve written about services like boobox and AuctionAds (a sponsor) that easily ad affiliate advertising to a site… Read More