• Tremor Video Acquires ‘InPlay’ Video Analytics Tech From TubeMogul

    Tremor Video Acquires ‘InPlay’ Video Analytics Tech From TubeMogul

    Exclusive – Online video ad technology company Tremor Video has purchased InPlay, the video analytics solution for publishers, from TubeMogul. Tremor Video will integrate InPlay directly into VideoHub, its enterprise video platform. Read More

  • TubeMogul Relaunches As A Video Advertising Platform

    For the past four years, TubeMogul has built itself up as one of the premier tools for online video producers to syndicate and analyze their online videos across the Web. Last year, it launched a video ad network called PlayTime that took advantage of all the video viewership data it was collecting, and on the strength of that product it raised $10 million last October. The company has been… Read More

  • Google And Facebook Continue To Lead Referral Traffic For Videos On Media Sites

    In the third quarter of 2010, BrightCove and Tube Mogul’s Online Video & The Media Industry report showed that Facebook passed Yahoo to become the No. 2 source of traffic to online videos at media sites. (The study measures videos across the Brightcove network, with a focus on newspaper, magazine, broadcaster, brand, and online media sites). Facebook has continued its reign as… Read More

  • Facebook Passes Yahoo To Become Second Largest Traffic Source For Videos On Media Sites

    When it comes to getting people to watch online videos from media sites, Google is still the largest source of outside traffic. Search drives views. But the second largest source of traffic is not Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine. It is now Facebook. According to a report on Online Video & The Media Industry put out jointly by Tubemogul and Brightcove, Facebook passed Yahoo in… Read More

  • Video Ad And Analytics Startup TubeMogul Takes $10 Million In VC Funding

    Video Ad And Analytics Startup TubeMogul Takes $10 Million In VC Funding

    Video advertising and analytics startup TubeMogul closed a $10 million Series B financing. The round was led by Foundation Capital, with existing investors Trinity Ventures and Knight’s Bridge Capital Partners (where WallStrip and StockTwits founder Howard Lindzon is a partner) also putting in more money. Previously, the company raised $5.4 million. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is a… Read More

  • TubeMogul Makes InPlay, Its Google Analytics For Video, Free

    If you regularly put up video on the Web, you are going to love this. TubeMogul is making InPlay, its video player analytics, free now. InPlay is like Google Analytics for video. It charts all the views, embeds, completion rates, traffic sources, search terms, and stream quality of the videos you put up on your site or embed in players across the Web. InPlay works with a variety of… Read More

  • TubeMogul: People Watch Facebook Videos Longer, And Click On More Ads

    TubeMogul: People Watch Facebook Videos Longer, And Click On More Ads

    Facebook is now the fifth largest video site by audience size. ComScore estimates that 41 million people a month watch videos on Facebook, which is more than on Hulu, CBS,, or Microsoft’s sites. What is remarkable about Facebook’s rise as a video destination is that it isn’t even trying very hard to be a video site. “I don’t think Facebook has video strategy… Read More

  • Broadcast TV And Web Media Sites Winning In Online Video, Twitter Users Most Engaged

    Broadcast TV And Web Media Sites Winning In Online Video, Twitter Users Most Engaged

    You can hardly run into a media site these days that no longer includes online video (even we are getting ready to launch TechCrunch TV). But which kinds of media sites are getting the most views? In a joint report put out today by Brightcove and Tubemogul (embedded below), the non-YouTube sites seeing the most success with online video are those of the broadcast TV networks and Web-only… Read More

  • The Ten Most Likely M&A Deals In Online Video

    Which online video companies will get bought in 2010?   Venture capitalists are desperately looking for exits while the usual suspects are sitting on more than $80 billion in cash: Microsoft ($20B), Apple ($40B), Google ($15B), Amazon ($3B), and Yahoo! ($3B) just to name the cash positions of a few potential acquirers.  Theoretically, it should be a match made in heaven, but the sheer number… Read More

  • Brightcove Teams Up With TubeMogul To Power Its Analytics

    When Brightcove released a major upgrade to its online video platform last month, one of the new set of features was better analytics. It turns out that Brightcove’s new video analytics suite is powered TubeMogul. Professional video publishers who use Brightcove can now measure things like the geographic distribution of their viewers, how many seconds they watch each video, their… Read More