Sony VAIO TT Notebook: James Bond Edition

The ultraportable 11.1-inch Sony VAIO TT notebook is available in a “James Bond 007 Edition” for $2,399. Sony’s only selling 100 of these, so if you’re really into Bond you might want to get a

The ultra-portable Sony VAIO TT laptop gets torn apart

The Sony VAIO TT launched last week and we already get to see what’s inside the uber-portable laptop. Kind of amazing piece of technolgy when you think that the lappie has 4GBs of memory, a Blu-

The Sony 11-inch Vaio TT laptops get official

Details of the Sony TT lineup have been seeping onto the Interwebs for the last few days, but ultra-mobile laptops are finally official from Sony. There aren’t many surprises after the spec shee

Sony specs out the impending Vaio TT laptops The upcoming Sony Vaio TT just