Tsukuba University

  • Video: This 3D Display Uses Multiple Lenses To Boost Sense Of Depth Perception

    Video: This 3D Display Uses Multiple Lenses To Boost Sense Of Depth Perception

    Naked-eye 3D displays, even large-sized models, are nothing special anymore, but they usually have a common problem: the 3D effect when viewing pictures isn’t as strong as with displays that require users to wear glasses. Professor Kakeya from Tsukuba University in Japan is trying to solve the problem. The way his 3D display works is actually pretty simple: it uses multiple layers and… Read More

  • The Homunculus Project Wants To Merge You With Your Car (Video)

    The “intelligent” car is something virtually every automaker is working on at the moment, but that didn’t stop a group of students from Japan’s Tsukuba University from coming up with their own quirky invention: meet the Homunculus, a car that’s “based on a new concept of interactions between humans and vehicles. It promotes and augments non-verbal… Read More

  • Video: TalkTorque 2 Robot Will Be A Master In Non-Verbal Communication

    A team of researchers at Japan’s Tsukuba University is working on a robot that’s supposed to improve the interaction between man and machine in the future. The aim is to make the so-called “TalkTorque 2” [JP] a master in non-verbal communication with humans – even though it looks a little creepy. Read More

  • Puyocon: Ball-shaped, squeezable input interface (videos)

    The Puyocon wants to be for PCs what the Wiimote became for game consoles: An alternative input interface that doesn’t require pressing buttons but arm movements from users in order to control what’s going on on the screen. The small device is the brainchild of the so-called Entertainment Computing Laboratory [JP] at Japan’s Tsukuba University. The Puyocon is a ball-shaped… Read More

  • The "Motorized Knee" makes your running 30% more efficient

    The researchers at Japan’s Tsukuba University seem to be particularly active when it comes to enhancing human body functions. This is the institution where the famous robot suit HAL-5 was developed and now we have another invention that can help boost the efficiency of our bodies – if that’s what we want and need, that is. A research team at said university has constructed… Read More