• Travelon piles on the TSA-approved baggage

    Starting just last week if you have a TSA-approved laptop bag, you can slide that puppy* (*please to not x-ray the puppy) right on through their scanning machines. Of course that means a whole bunch new products to choose from. Travelon has created six new bags ready to start hitting the shelves in September. Ya got yourself a backpack version, a wheely thing and a briefcase style. For the lady… Read More

  • Starting today you can leave your laptop in a bag at airport security

    As you know, the Transportation Safety Administration has decided to allow laptop-carrying airline passengers keep their laptops in specially approved bags at security checkpoints. It’s actually the most revolutionary decision in United States bureaucracy history. To that end, the TSA has finally posted details on its Web site how all this is going to work. That handy graphic shows the… Read More

  • Homeland Security: all your data are belong to us, citizen

    Imagine if you will: you’re walking through a checkpointcustoms and if you’re like me, your passport picture makes you look like the Unabomber, so you get “randomly” selected for “secondary screening.” And they say, “Sir, turn on your laptop, we’re going to snoop through all your files and search for anything we feel, as practically… Read More

  • New Targus laptop case promises speedy trip through airport security

    Targus announced today a new line of laptop cases designed to speed travelers through airport security. The first installment is the Zip-Thru 15.4″ Corporate Traveler Laptop Case that speeds up the process by eliminating the need for removing your laptop from its case. Anybody who’s ever done that has surely felt some degree of separation anxiety as they have seen their laptop… Read More

  • Mobile Edge offers a trio of "Checkpoint Friendly" laptop bags

    In response to the announcement made by the TSA earlier in the year that would allow travelers to keep their laptops in bags while going through security; a couple gear companies have put forth “Checkpoint Friendly” bags and that latest comes from Mobile Edge. The ScanFast collection meets the criteria laid out by the TSA and will be available late summer. No word on pricing. Read More

  • More info about MobileEdge TSA-friendly laptop cases

    Here are some actual product shots of the TSA-friendly MobileEdge cases that we covered about a week ago. I’m still not 100% convinced that TSA bags, in general, can live up to the promise of substantially increasing airport security lines. It’ll only take one screening agent to throw a fit when someone hasn’t removed their laptop, only to find out that it was in a… Read More

  • More TSA-friendly laptop bags coming soon

    Just got word last night that Mobile Edge, fine purveyor of notebook-friendly bags and backpacks, has created three new cases that meet all TSA requirements for checkpoint-friendliness. The company is currently testing the bags at the Ontario Airport in California and will make final changes before going into full production soon. We’ve got the three designs here. Actual photos of… Read More

  • Photo of new checkpoint friendly bag

    More news on the approaching possibility of keeping your laptop in a case while breezing through airport security. Along with bag-maker Skooba Design’s “beautiful prototypes, patents and trademarks pending,” they also posted a photo of a new security-friendly laptop case prototype for the new line, and they expect to have models available in time for the back to… Read More

  • Keep your laptop in your luggage

    The Transportation Security Administration has reportedlybeen working with luggage manufacturers to create checkpoint safe laptop cases. No longer will you have to take your laptop our of your case, while you remove your shoes, jacket, any metal, lighters, and chapstick from your pockets, as well as all the water, shampoo and aftershave from your carry-on. Wow, thanks TSA, that’s gonna be… Read More

  • Body scanners that can see through clothing to be installed in 10 U.S. airports soon

    Body scanners that can “see” underneath clothing will be installed in 10 of the country’s biggest airports within the next few weeks. Airline passengers in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. can look forward to scenes like the kind depicted in this photo here. How they’ll be used: The scanners bounce harmless “millimeter waves” off… Read More

  • Skooba, Targus working on TSA-friendly gear bags

    Anyone that’s traveled with their laptop knows what a pain in the ass security is because you’re required to take out your laptop when going through the x-ray machine. I despise it and I travel quite often and it’s slowly becoming the bane of my existence. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I think we can all agree that it’s an annoying process. Targus and Skooba… Read More

  • Locking down laptops from the TSACustoms

    Thanks to the wisdom of Homeland Security and customs, travellers may now be asked to allow screeners access to your laptops when you fly. While this is pretty shitty for obvious reasons, CNET is offering some advice on how to stop the lads from finding all your homemade tentacle anime. 1. Before going on any international trip, back up all of your important and potentially… Read More

  • Airlines inching closer to paperless boarding passes

    In another huge victory for paperless enthusiasts everywhere, it appears that using your cell phone as a boarding pass is on the horizon. Since December, Continental has been testing a paperless option for flights out of Houston. The boarding pass “is an image of an encrypted bar code displayed on the phone’s screen, which can be scanned by gate agents and security… Read More

  • TSA says MacBook Air is OK to fly

    Bob at the TSA Evolution Blog Team (the kindly gnomish face of the TSA that actually makes me think these morons are listening) responded to the intimation that MacBook Airs are weapons of mass destruction. Screeners are trained to look for certain things in laptops and other devices and when they saw an anomaly, they reacted. Good on them. They’ll also be scanning a MacBook Air to… Read More

  • MacBook Air: Weapon of TSA distraction

    Care of the Onion Here, friends, is the danger of depending too much on X-ray searches — there is a valley between the dangerous and the benign and most items fit in it but if you make something dangerous that looks utterly benign or make something benign that looks, to the trained TSA agent, dangerous, you’re in trouble. Long story short, Michael Nygard was held up at the… Read More

  • Final Word: You can carry batteries on flights

    So it seems that you can carry batteries, extra batteries, spare batteries, and other, presumably, Leyden jars on flights. The TSA warnings only mention banning “large, palletized shipments” of lithium-ion batteries on flights whereas other batteries are fine. They recommend covering the battery terminals, however. On the other hand, the Department of Transportation says you… Read More

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