• What's In A Name? Trusty's Sued By Angie's List Over Data Theft

    Local business ratings and review service Angie’s List is suing Trusty’s, which we recently reviewed and likened to a sort of Yelp for blue-collar workers, over claims that the latter startup’s founder Christopher Kody illegally obtained thousands of files from Angie’s List in an effort to jumpstart Trusty’s. According to Indystar, the suit alleges that Cody… Read More

  • Trusty's: Yelp Meets LinkedIn For Blue-Collar Workers

    Trusty’s is a new local search engine/review database for blue collar service workers, aiming to help small businesses establish reputations while giving consumers an easy way to find the services they’re looking for. While there are a number of sites out there that allow users to rate their experiences with local services (including countless niche communities), most of them… Read More