• Find Out If Your Social Security or Credit Card Numbers are on the Internet

    Silicon Valley based Trusted ID, which launched IDFreeze last year to help protect people from identity theft, released their second product this evening – Stolen ID Search. Type a social security or credit card number into the search box and Trusted ID will tell you if it is published on the web: The information that powers StolenID Search is found online, by looking in places where… Read More

  • Fight Identity Theft with TrustedID

    TrustedID launched their first product, IDFreeze yesterday (and announced funding by Draper Fisher Jurveston) to help protect consumers from identity theft. I met with co-founder Scott Mitic today about his company. Identity theft is a really big and really expensive problem. In the U.S. alone, ten million people per year fall victim to identity thieves – and sometimes it takes years… Read More