Not a minimalist? Startups will gladly store, manage and deliver your items

If our civilization collapses and archaeologists return centuries later to excavate our ruins, what will they make of our storage facilities? Will they see these compact cubicles stuffed with old furn

Trove raises $8 million to store your clothing and furniture

There are inefficiencies in the giant self-storage market, and startups like MakeSpace and Clutter have been gaining traction by offering a more consumer-friendly approach. Now there's another startup

Trove Lets You Customize Gold and Silver Jewelry Using 3D Printing

Launching today, Trove is a platform that lets users customize and buy personalized, 3D-printed jewelry. Based in NYC, the company has raised a $640k seed round from Resolute Ventures and Uprise Ve

The Washington Post Launches Trove, A Personalized Social News Site

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">The Washington Post Company</a> this morn