• Tokyoflash Goes Tron With The Kisai 7

    Tokyoflash Goes Tron With The Kisai 7

    Another day, another Tokyoflash watch. The Kisai 7 is a clever, fairly cool watch that looks like something Jeff Bridges picked out of his magisterial beard in the last Tron movie. Priced at $99 for the next 30 hours, you, too, can look like a Program just looking to get out of the CPU. Read More

  • Carrier: Legacy — Can Apple, Google, Or Microsoft Really Change Anything?

    Carrier: Legacy — Can Apple, Google, Or Microsoft Really Change Anything?

    The backstory of last year’s film Tron: Legacy picks up where the first film left off. Kevin Flynn teams up with Tron to create a new Grid, one meant for programs and users. But Flynn realizes that he can’t be in the system working on this constructed world all the time, so he creates another program, CLU, to help with the effort. Together, the three of them work on creating… Read More

  • Who Needs Flash? New WebGL And HTML5 Browser Game Sets Tron's Light Cycles In 3D

    Cycleblob, an addictive browser game created by Israeli developer Shy Shalom, went live today. The game ports light cycles, the futuristic vehicles from the legendary 1982 film Tron, to the browser. Nerd power! Of course, seeing as Tron was recently upgraded with a new sequel, it’s only fitting that light cycles should be given a more contemporary setting in which to compete —… Read More

  • Homemade Tron Board Game Glows With Nerdy Fun

    Although playing on a board lacks the immediacy of actually being scanned into the Tron environment and piloting the lightcycle manually, it is less dangerous, and more portable. Read More

  • Tron: Uprising Gets A Trailer

    Tron is getting animated and you know what, it doesn’t look that bad. I mean, it can’t be worse than the movies. Plus the animation format will likely allow for a deeper story line. Tron: Uprising is set to debut next summer on Disney’s XD channel. Read More

  • Pre-orders For The Tron And Tron Legacy Begin. Super Platinum, Limited, Ultra Collector's Edition Included.

    Love it or hate it, Tron Legacy was a visual spectacle. And with Daft Punk’s score, many theater-goers left with their audio-visual cherries popped. Pre-orders have begun and there expects to be 5 versions available on Blu-ray. Luckily, Amazon is giving some discounts on the Tron and Tron Legacy pre-orders. There will also be a 2D combo pack of both the titles available for $39.99 each… Read More

  • Speaking of… Cindy Morgan, from Original TRON [TCTV]

    Speaking of… Cindy Morgan, from Original TRON [TCTV]

    My special guest on this week’s Speaking Of is actress Cindy Morgan. Cindy is known in the film world for two iconic roles: as Lacey Underall in Caddyshack and as Lora/Yori in the original TRON. I didn’t mention this in my original overview of TRON Legacy, because I didn’t want to spoil much of the movie for everyone, but I was very saddened by the fact that two of my… Read More

  • A DIY Tron Segway Is Better Than No DIY Tron Segway

    It’s a DIY Tron-themed Segway made out of 3M reflective tape and some Christmas lights. What more do you want? Some Paul Blart Mall Cop jokes? No. That man took his job serious and deserves your respect. [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • TF2 Gets A Tron Skin

    Even though the movies were, arguably, abysmal, like Boba Fett and Big Trouble In Little China, we geeks hold a special place in our hearts for all things Tron. To wit: modders have created Tron-based TF2 skins in red and blue, featuring electroluminescent piping, fancy smocks, and even a tasteful but unobtrusive mod to the Spy with a full jacket and tie with just the merest hint of a glow. Read More

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