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  • Tron: Legacy Review Round-Up: A Mixed Reaction (At Best)

    Tron Legacy pops up in your local movie theater today, and the question on everyone’s mind is: is it rubbish? If you ask the critics, then yeah: it’s really not that good at all. Shock. But when was the last time “the critics” saw eye-to-eye with the American people? Give Joe Public some cool special effects and you’re easily making $100 million. Read More

  • New York Startups, Come Watch TRON Legacy With TechCrunch

    New York Startups, Come Watch TRON Legacy With TechCrunch

    You know you want to see Tron Legacy. I do. Is it me, or does that white-haired villain look a little much like Julian Assange? (Maybe it is him). Come find out. If you live in New York City, catch the very first screening tomorrow night with about 500 other TechCrunch readers. We rented out two theaters, one in New York and one in San Francisco. The San Francisco screening is sold out… Read More

  • Ahead Of A Wide Launch Next Year, Apple Previews iAds For iPad With Tron Legacy

    While Apple has spent much of the latter part of this year ramping up their iAd platform for iOS devices, they have not yet focused on one key area: the iPad. That will change in early 2011, when the company will begin a full-on advertising assault within apps made for the popular tablet device. And today they’re offering a glimpse of that future. And they’re wisely doing it… Read More

  • A TRON trailer for 2010

    Tron Legacy comes out right before Christmas this year, but it’s probably best if you see the first movie before the sequel. This trailer should get you in the mood. It did it for me. Oh, and FYI, Tron is supposed to be released on Blu-ray in November, but there quality high-def digital copies lurking around torrent sites and usernets thanks to HDNet broadcasting the movie in high-def. Read More

  • A new Tron Legacy trailer for your edification

    DWalk sent us in a tip about a new trailer for Tron. It’s been pretty hard to track down but I think we caught it in the wild. It’s nigh on unwatchable, but any artifact from a potentially horrible (but also potentially great (see Transformers v. Dark Knight)) movie that will destroy our childhood memories is a valuable one, right? Read More

  • December 17: Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D

    When in doubt, make a sequel. When in doubt in the year 2009, tack on 3D. That’s the mentality of Hollywood these days—“remakes” are another in thing—and it looks like will be in theaters on December 17, 2010 Tron: Legacy. Considering my only knowledge of Tron comes from that one Simpsons episode, I’m not going to pretend to be excited. But maybe some of… Read More