A literal Russian troll is lurking at the Zuckerberg hearing

Today at Mark Zuckerberg’s first of two hearings with Congress, the meme maker formerly known as the Monopoly Man made a surprise cameo in troll form to troll the Facebook founder. Spotted at th

Twitter now says 1.4 million people interacted with Russian trolls during 2016 presidential campaign

Twitter has now updated the number of people engaging with Russian trolls during the 2016 presidential campaign to 1.4 million. That's more than double the initial 677,775 Twitter originally said had

Twitter lets you avoid trolls by muting new users and strangers

When trolls barge into people's notifications with offensive replies or user names, those legitimate users might not keep coming back to Twitter. So today the company rolled out new tools to help you

Dear @Jack, I don’t love Twitter anymore

Oh how innocent we were. How full of hope for the possibility of a 140-character microblogging service. For the joy it could bring, and the good we could do together. Now I look back and I just feel n

Unless online giants stop the abuse of free speech, democracy and innovation is threatened

When thousands, perhaps millions, of people use social networks to spread hate speech, online harassment and abuse, the problem might often seem insurmountable. But whatever approaches are being used

Hacker News calls for “political detox,” critics cry censorship

Can social media even exist without political debate? What about trolls? Hacker News, the social news site run by Y Combinator, is trying to find out. The head of the Hacker News community since 2014

We’re looking at cyberbullying the wrong way

A bully is a bully and a troll is a troll, no matter where you go online. For as long as online mass communication has existed, online bullying has existed. To effectively address the issue of cyberbu

Don’t feed the trolls — tackle their abuse of platform power instead

In the ever accelerating social media feedback loops of the modern Internet age, ‘don’t feed the trolls’ is a phrase that appears to have fallen out of fashion, favor and collective memory.

Can Civil Comments Kill The Internet Troll?

To paraphrase an oft seen Internet trollism, 'Internet comments are the worst thing since Hitler'. By which I mean: they suck. They suck bad. No, they really suck. The problem we have right now wit

Can Decency Be Legislated?

You may never have heard of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. However, the 1996 federal law has shaped how you have used the Internet for nearly two decades. Section 230 provides Internet

Bait Car: How Hollywood Has Found A New Way To Make Money

Paul (not his real name) has never seen the movie <a target="_blank" href="">The Divide</a>. He's a horror buff and sometimes tries to find odd and decidedly bad fl

Kickstarter: Own A Piece Of Role-Playing History With A Remake Of Tunnels & Trolls

As fans of D&D will attest, there are not many games as satisfying as Gygax's original but darn it if it wasn't fun to try new platforms when they came out. Tunnels & Trolls, created 37 years

Tired Of Mean And Nasty YouTube Comments? The YuleTube Browser Extension Will Fix That

If you’ve ever gone “deep” into the nastiness that the YouTube commenting section can be, then you know that it’s not a pretty place. Depending on the type of content you&#8217

The Story Of An Internet Troll With A Surprising Twist

You get a thick skin when messing around on the Internet, and that can go either way. You can react, like a nerve burned raw, or you can become a troll. This is a story of both. I'll paraphrase the

61 Percent Of Disqus Comments Are Made With Pseudonyms

One of the unending <a href="">debates</a> in blogging circles is about the value of comments. How do you encourage the best comments and dis

Patent Troll Sells Licenses For In-App Buy Buttons, Then Tries To Explain Itself

<img src="" class="right">Patent trolling is often a lucrative hobby for many companies that have fallen into hard times. Like the jun

The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research

As you probably remember, Geohot – George Hotz to his parents – is the kid who unlocked the original iPhone and, over time, became one of the foremost experts on iPhone unlocking and jailb

Republican Party discovers the scourge of Internet trolls on new Web site: 'Stop teaching about heliocentric universe, it contradicts the Bible'

<img src="" />There's just no hope anymore. The GOP, one of the two great political parties in the United States, recently requested peop

Patent trolls kill Meizu Mini One, 50 others

Sisvel, an Italian research company, apparently has some sort of patent that entitles it to shut down folks at CeBIT. The license, based around MP3 playback, shut down our beloved Meizu along with 50