Lonely Planet's 25 travel guides get a dose of Augmented Reality

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Tripwolf launches an Augmented Reality iPhone app

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Social travel guide tripwolf's iPhone app goes freemium, introduces in-app purchases

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Social Travel Guide Tripwolf Adds In-App Purchasing

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Tripwolf Raises Another $2.5 Million For Its Online Travel Guide

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Tripwolf Opens Its Social Travel Guide In Public Beta

Tripwolf, the social travel guide that we introduced last month, has launched in public beta. The site allows users to network with friends to create an ideal travel trip, and also has a number of fea

Tripwolf Beta: 200 Free Invites For TechCrunch Readers

Tripwolf is a social travel guide and trip planner that allows users to get a feel for how a destination will feel, look and sound, and adds a social recommendations layer on top. The site offers advi