• DigiDudes: crowd-sourced keychain / tripod thingies

    Fresh on the success of their SplitStick double-sided USB stick, the cats at quirky now offer DigiDudes: a keychain with a built-in camera tripod. Unscrew the DigiDude’s head, pull out his feet, and voila! Instant tripod! Read More

  • DIY tripod for taking panoramic photos

    When I went travelling for the first time with my Rebel, I only had the (excellent) 50mm f/1.8 lens, which translates to a mild 85mm telephoto on my cropped sensor. You can imagine that it was difficult to take pictures of the sweeping vistas in Luxembourg and the Cinque Terre, but I think I did okay. That’s not to say I couldn’t have used a little help from a tripod like this, though. Read More

  • Combination tripod and camera case looks nice

    This little case looks pretty handy. It actually screws into the tripod hole on your camera (so make sure you’ve got one) and then its little legs pop out — instant stability. It doesn’t look very adjustable, but there are always rocks, books, and so on that you can use to make it straight, crooked, or whatever. My only issue with the thing is that when you’re… Read More

  • Carbon fiber tripods from Manfrotto

    That’s the PRO4 I don’t know too much about tripods, but I do know that I’ll need one soon as my pictar taking abilities improve. I’m very twitchy for some reason. Anyway, Manfrotto announced a trio of carbon fiber tripods dubbed the CX-series. The low-end 190CX3 isn’t fully carbon fiber but its tubes are while the center column is aluminum as is the top plate. Read More

  • MonsterPod: Stick it Anywhere

    Just in time for the holidays: the perfect gift for all those monsters on your list! Tired of hearing them say they can’t find a tripod small enough, strong enough and with an easy/fast setup to capture those pics they’ll regret not having? Me too, this should shut my brother up once and for all. With its futuristic Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer base you simply screw on any camera… Read More