Technical interview platform Karat snaps up Triplebyte to add adaptive quizzes for engineers

The technology industry continues to rack up an ever-longer list of layoffs — which now stand at nearly 139,000 according to — but taking the wider job market, the overall pace

Triplebyte incubates ColorStack to increase Black and Latinx representation in CS programs

Triplebyte, a technical recruiting platform that emphasizes a candidate’s skills rather than background, has incubated nonprofit ColorStack, which aims to increase the number of Black and Latinx

Hear how to hire at breakneck speed at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Nothing can get built without talented people with the right skillsets, which is why startups hitting their growth phases have to go from hiring a smattering of employees to building systems that can

Triplebyte raises $35M for its online coding test and credentialing service for hiring engineers

LinkedIn, with nearly 600 million users, dominates the market today for recruiters headhunting suitable candidates for knowledge-worker roles. But with minimal controls for guaranteeing that people ar

Hired raises $30M to build an easy subscription pipeline for company hiring

Recruiting is one of the latest industries to get a data science makeover through companies like Hired and Triplebyte, but the former hopes to turn it into a subscription business just like other ente

Triplebyte has raised more money for its “background blind” tech recruiting platform

Triplebyte is a three-year-old, 25-person, San Francisco-based hiring platform that says it makes recruiting and technical screening for tech companies more efficient. It’s hardly alone in maki

Technical recruiting platform Triplebyte opens for business in New York

Triplebyte wants to make it easier for tech companies to hire engineers by pre-screening them for technical ability and even flying qualified candidates to the Bay Area for in-person interviews with

Triplebyte expands its recruiting platform beyond YC and signs up Apple and Facebook

Triplebyte wants to make recruiting and technical screening for tech companies more efficient. The screening process happens background-blind, so instead of putting the emphasis on the applicants' res

With 12K engineers screened, Triplebyte says its skills-based recruiting platform is working

Triplebyte is offering companies a different way to hire engineers — as co-founder and CEO Harj Taggar put it, the goal is “ignoring the résumé.” Today the company announced that its platform

Technical recruiting platform Triplebyte launches engineer genome project

Technical recruiting platform Triplebyte, which has raised $3 million in funding, just launched its engineer genome project to foster software-driven, intelligent job-matching. “We figured out t

A New, Standardized Way For Employees To Keep Their Vested Stock Options Longer

Amid headlines about billion-dollars valuations are many employees who remain trapped unless their employers eventually go public or else sell to an acquirer in a cash deal. The problem centers on the

Triplebyte, The Technical Recruiting Platform From Former YC Partner Harj Taggar, Raises $3M

Triplebyte, a technical recruiting platform co-founded by former YC partner Harj Taggar, Ammon Bartram and Guillaume Luccisano, just raised $3 million from a long list of investors in the YC fami

YC’s Technical Recruiting Startup TripleByte Opens A Concierge Program To Fly Candidates To Silicon Valley For Interviews

TripleByte, which was founded by one of Y Combinator’s earliest partners Harj Taggar, is trying to make it easier for startups to hire technical talent by pre-screening them for their coding abi