LaunchDarkly CEO Edith Harbaugh explains why her company raised another $54M

This week, LaunchDarkly announced that it has raised another $54 million. Led by Bessemer Venture Partners and backed by the company’s existing investors, it brings the company’s total fun

Travel startups are taking off

The second wave of Internet-era travel companies has captured the attention of venture capitalists.

The Entire SV Angel Partnership To Speak At Disrupt NY

TechCrunch is excited to announce today that the entire SV Angel partnership is headed to Disrupt NY 2015. That means Ron Conway, David Lee, Brian Pokorny, Topher Conway, Robert Pollak and Kevin Carte

Delta Sends C&Ds To Startups Tracking Airline Rewards; MileWise, AwardWallet & Others Affected

Delta is joining American Airlines and Southwest Airlines as the third major brand to deny travel startups access to users' frequent flyer accounts for the purpose of tracking airlines miles and rewar

From TC40 To $10.1M In Funding And A $120M Acquisition, TripIt Tells All

It feels like only days have passed since TechCrunch Disrupt NYC went down, but as every season turns (turns, turns...) another Disrupt is on the horizon. Our San Francisco event will commence on Sept

TripIt Owner Concur Invests $5 Million In Flight Price Tracker Yapta

Travel and expense management company <a href="">Concur</a>, which earlier this year <a href="">ac

Flextrip lets you discover tours while travel planning

<img class="shot" src="" alt="" width="150" height="77" />Aside from Dopplr's quiet disappearance after <a href="http://eu.beta.techcrunch.

TripIt Bags An ExIt – Acquired By Concur For Up To $120 Million

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a target="_blank" href="">Concur</a>, a publicly-listed provider o

TripIt’s Pro Plan Now Pays For Itself, Will Track Flight Itineraries For Price Drops

<img src="" class="shot2"/><a target="_blank" href="">TripIt,</a> the site that creates <a href="https://beta.te

With New Auto-Import Itinerary Feature For Gmail, TripIt Just Got Easier To Use

<img src=""> Just when you thought<a href="">TripIt</a> couldn't get any easier to use, the startup has defied

TripIt Integrates With Yapta To Offer Airfare Tracking Service

<img src="" width="215" height="128" /> We're big fans of <a href="">TripIt,</a> a nifty site that creates customi

Dopplr Launches iPhone App, But Where's The Add Trip Button?

<img src="" width="126" height="200" /><a href="">Dopplr</a> has <a href="

TripIt Goes Pro, Launches Premium Flight Monitoring And Alerts

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="115" /></a><a href="">Tr

Gliider Makes Makes Trip Planning A Breeze

<img src="" width="100" height="200" /> At <a href="">Launch Silicon Valley</a> this past w

FlightTrack Pro Puts TripIt (And More) In Your Pocket

<img src="" class="shot" /> <a href="">Appropros Mobile</a> has released a Pro version of its pop

TripIt Launches An API. Travel Sites, Please Use It

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">TripIt</a>, the helpful travel site that lets you <a href="http://www

Will Air France-KLM's Social Network Bluenity Fly? I Like Dopplr Better.

<img src="" alt="" /> Airline group <a href="">Air France-KLM</a>, formed after the merger

2009: Products I Can't Live Without

<img alt="" />At the beginning of each year I traditionally publish a list of my favorite startups and products. This is the fourth year I've done this - previous lists: <a href="http://www.beta.techc

TripIt Raises $5.1 Million in Series B Funding

TripIt, the online travel assistant that debuted at Techcrunch40 and is one of the sites Michael can’t live without, has received $5.1M in Series B funding. The main contributions for this round

TripIt Goes Even More Mobile

TripIt, the service that creates master travel itineraries out of your confirmation emails, has become even more traveler-friendly with a new mobile site. Users can access the site at wit
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