• Trion Brings Twitter and YouTube Into The Online Gaming Experience

    When I was growing up, games were played offline — whether it was Number Munchers on an Apple2GS, or Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo’s NES console. But, needless to say, that 8-bit world is miles behind us. Like it has done to every other industry, the Web completely altered the course of gaming. It brought connectivity and scale to video games, allowing huge groups of people to… Read More

  • Trion Closes A Whopping $70 Million In Series C Funding

    Trion World Network, an online games developer, announced today that it raised $70 million in Series C funding. Peacock Equity, the joint venture between GE Commercial Finance’s Media, Communications & Entertainment business and NBC Universal, which was a B-round investor, was the leading investor in the company’s Series C round. The fact that Trion was able to raise $70… Read More