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I assumed most investors were jerks in pitch meetings, but my white colleagues told me the level of disrespect and dismissiveness I received was not typical.

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Space as an investment target is trending upwards in the VC community, but specialist firm Space Angels has been focused on the sector longer than most. The network of angel investors just published i

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Google's <a href="">sale</a> of a previously purchased arm of the company this morning, 3D modeling software <a href="https://techcru

A Rare Sale: Despite 30 Million Activations In The Last Year, Google Sends SketchUp To Trimble

Google is prolific when it comes to its in-house production, churning out new ideas and products all the time, and the company isn't afraid to pull the plug if the idea doesn't pan out. In fact, CEO L

Review: Trimble Outdoors GPS Pack

Most GPS devices are car-centric. They assume their owners will be glued to a steering wheel for hours a day, requiring turn-by-turn directions to new destinations at a moment’s notice. Apparent