• Review: TrickleStar TV/PC

    While it is well known that I once did a burlesque show under the name TrickleStar in Weimar Germany, many of you don’t know that TrickleStar is also a system for shutting down idling hardware next to your TV or PC. I’m here to tell you, my kleine Kuchen, that it’s really great. Think about your own sad situation: you have a computer or TV that you turn off. The constellation… Read More

  • TV TrickleSaver helps eliminate energy vampires

    Now that I’ve hooked up my PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, debug Xbox 360, THX Makos, Verizon FiOS HD DVR, Slingbox Pro HD, Wii and an HDMI splitter to my ginormous 50-inch Panasonic G10 (plasma), I’m looking for ways to keep that electricity bill down. Enter the TV TrickleSaver and its built-in current sensing circuitry that knows when your TV is on or off. When the boob tube is on all… Read More