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Tribeca Film Festival unveils its VR and AR lineup

New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival released its Immersive lineup this morning, including 20 virtual reality and augmented reality pieces in the Virtual Arcade, plus five that are part of the

Lytro’s light field vision finally shows its worth

While many of the virtual reality experiences being shown off at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival are pushing boundaries in VR story-telling techniques, "Hallelujah" is perhaps most noteworthy because o

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival will include a video game festival, too

New York City's Tribeca Film Festival is getting a sister event — this year, it will include the kickoff of the very first Tribeca Games Festival. The event is being launched in partnership with gam

Tribeca’s Storyscapes projects used technology to explore blindness, solitary confinement and more

As the Tribeca Film Festival winds down in New York City, we're highlighting one of the most tech-driven parts of the event — Storyscapes, which showcased 10 works of virtual reality and interactive

Tribeca Film Festival Narrows Down #6SecFilms Submissions To A Short List Of 40 Awesome Vines

Less than a month ago, Tribeca Film Festival opened up a sub-competition within the festival for those of us with a knack for brevity: the Tribeca Film Festival's #6SecFilms competition. Partnering wi

Vine, Tribeca Film Festival Launch #6SecFilms Vine Competition For Viners Obsessed With Vining Vines

Vine has steadily made waves ever since its launch in January. First it was a porn scare, and then it was widening growth against competitors like SocialCam and Viddy. And throughout it all, we’

Video on demand: The patron saint of Tribeca Film Festival?

<img src="" />Is video on demand the key to making your spiffy indie movie the next <i>Huge Success</i>? Depends on who you ask. The Tribeca