• Sequoia-backed video chat app Tribe spammed its customers’ address books

    Sequoia-backed video chat app Tribe spammed its customers’ address books

    Can mobile app startups please stop building SMS invite systems into their apps already? The latest example of a venture-backed startup getting dinged by customers for having spammed their entire address book without permission is Sequoia portfolio company Tribe. The video chat app hit the App Store last year, and had been well-received until now. With a number of clever twists on standard… Read More

  • Tribe augments video chat with speech recognition subtitles and suggested links

    Tribe augments video chat with speech recognition subtitles and suggested links

    Tribe’s voice recognition video chat technology could make Snapchat and Facebook Messenger look outdated. That tech also attracted a $3 million seed round led by prestigious VC Sequoia, its first seed investment of the year. Today, Tribe’s one-touch video walkie-talkie app launches a huge Version 2 update on iOS and Android powered by access to some unreleased Google voice APIs. Read More

  • Tribe Is A Nifty Walkie-Talkie App

    Tribe Is A Nifty Walkie-Talkie App

    Meet Tribe, a new social app for iOS and Android that is going head-to-head against Taptalk, Snapchat and countless of other social messaging apps. Tribe is an interesting take on messaging thanks to its heavy focus on video and neat design. Read More

  • Drama: Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Gets TRO On Old Colleague

    Something dramatic is going on between Zynga CEO Mark Pincus and one of his old employees at, a company he cofounded in 2003. Pincus has obtained a temporary restraining order on Darren McKeeman, formerly the IT Director at Tribe. Cisco acquired the company in 2007. Pinkus hasn’t returned a request for comment, but the TRO was filed in the Superior Court of California, County… Read More

  • Tribe Gets Acquired, For Real This Time

    Last year was a turbulent one for Silicon Valley based Founding CEO Mark Pincus was ousted, in April 2005 and then returned in August 2006. While Pincus was gone rumors swirled that the company had been acquired by NBC, but the deal was never consummated. But now the New York Times is reporting that the assets of the eight person company have been acquired by Cisco. This follows… Read More

  • A Look At Piczo And Its Competitors

    San Francisco based Piczo is having a media coming-out party today, with announcements on the current state of the service and key statistics. A few weeks ago CEO Jeremy Verba did the same thing in the UK – which we covered on TechCrunch UK. Piczo is adding 35,000 new member registrations per day, 75% of which are teenagers between 13 and 16 years old. Ten million unique visitors come… Read More

  • Is Mark Pincus Back at Tribe?

    Update: This is now confirmed. Mark Pincus is back at Tribe. This is just weird. Mark Pincus may be back at Tribe. Or someone may have just hijacked his Tribe account. Mark was ousted from his CEO spot back in April (first spotted by Marc Canter, and Matt Marshall has a good summary here). New CEO Jan Gullet took over, and Pincus commented at the time “I don’t really enjoy being a… Read More

  • NBC may buy

    Rumors are being spread (by Rafat Ali and Susan Mernit) that NBC is buying social networking site Ali estimates the sale at $50 million or less and says that the media company will use Tribe to power the low-tech women’s networking site iVillage, which it acquired earlier this year for $600 million. Update: ClickZ story now un-confirms the above, reporting that the deal is… Read More