Pink Floyd drummer invests in Disciple Media, a platform aimed at the creator economy

Much has been made of the rise of the “creator economy” in the last year. With the pandemic biting, millions flooded online, looking for a way to make money or promote themselves. The podcasting w

Venture capitalists ‘like and subscribe’ to influencers

Why 2020 will be a "watershed year" for the creator economy

Australian influencer marketing startup Tribe raises $7.5M as it eyes US expansion

Tribe, which helps brands acquire content from so-called “micro-influencers,” has raised $7.5 million in Series A funding. The startup was founded in Australia in 2015 by TV and radio host

Tribe combines arcade games with group video chat

Sick of chatting but want to stay connected? Tribe‘s app lets you play clones of Space Invaders, Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, Name That Tune and more while video chatting with up to seven friends o

Sequoia-backed video chat app Tribe spammed its customers’ address books

Can mobile app startups please stop building SMS invite systems into their apps already? The latest example of a venture-backed startup getting dinged by customers for having spammed their entire addr

Tribe augments video chat with speech recognition subtitles and suggested links

Tribe’s voice recognition video chat technology could make Snapchat and Facebook Messenger look outdated. That tech also attracted a $3 million seed round led by prestigious VC Sequoia, its firs

Tribe Is A Nifty Walkie-Talkie App

Meet <a target="_blank" href="">Tribe</a>, a new social app for iOS and Android that is going head-to-head against <a target="_blank" href="">Taptalk</a>, Snapcha

Drama: Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Gets TRO On Old Colleague

<img src="" width="212" height="200" /> Something dramatic is going on between Zynga CEO <a href="

Tribe Gets Acquired, For Real This Time

Last year was a turbulent one for Silicon Valley based Founding CEO Mark Pincus was ousted, in April 2005 and then returned in August 2006. While Pincus was gone rumors swirled that the com

A Look At Piczo And Its Competitors

San Francisco based Piczo is having a media coming-out party today, with announcements on the current state of the service and key statistics. A few weeks ago CEO Jeremy Verba did the same thing in th

Is Mark Pincus Back at Tribe?

Update: This is now confirmed. Mark Pincus is back at Tribe. This is just weird. Mark Pincus may be back at Tribe. Or someone may have just hijacked his Tribe account. Mark was ousted from his CEO spo

NBC may buy

Rumors are being spread (by Rafat Ali and Susan Mernit) that NBC is buying social networking site Ali estimates the sale at $50 million or less and says that the media company will use Trib