• TrialPay Co-Founder Back With Point, A Novel, Fractional Home Ownership Startup

    TrialPay Co-Founder Back With Point, A Novel, Fractional Home Ownership Startup

    Point, a Palo Alto-based home equity marketplace that plans to take people’s homes and and make them completely liquid, divisible and tradable by letting owners sell fractional equity in them, is raising funding, according to a new SEC filing. It’s a fascinating concept that we think has only been tried in the past with vacation rentals by high-end developers, including Four… Read More

  • Visa Announces Acquisition Of TrialPay To Expand Its Offers Platform

    Visa Announces Acquisition Of TrialPay To Expand Its Offers Platform

    Visa announced today that it’s planning to acquire Mountain View-based TrialPay, an e-commerce payment platform which sits in between payments and advertising, providing consumers with an alternative way to pay for items by agreeing to take advantage of another merchant’s offer. For example, in mobile applications, TrialPay allows gamers to unlock premium content by agreeing to… Read More

  • Taking A Different Tack With In-Store Offers, Trialpay Grows Its Mobile Revenue By 85% Quarter-Over-Quarter

    Taking A Different Tack With In-Store Offers, Trialpay Grows Its Mobile Revenue By 85% Quarter-Over-Quarter

    The same week as its old rival Tapjoy restructured with layoffs, Trialpay says it has quietly grown mobile revenue 85 percent over the last quarter by giving gamers offers they can redeem offline in stores. The company, which helped social game developers monetize through subscription and other product offers, has shifted toward the Android and iOS platforms over the last year. They add that… Read More

  • TrialPay's DealSpot Brings In-Game Deals To Virtual Currency Offers

    Offer provider TrialPay is launching a new product today that enables game publishers to monetize social currency offerings, called DealSpot. The new product essentially allows games to offer exclusive deals to game players within a game, as opposed to the offers appearing in a separate game outside of the game (often called the ‘offer wall’). The company is partnering with… Read More

  • Casualties Of War: OfferPal Downsizes As Facebook Chooses Competitor

    Facebook is steadily converting partners like Zynga away from their home grown payment product to Facebook Credits. And to date there’s just one alternative for users who want to complete offers like getting a Netflix subscribtion in exchange for Farmville credits, or whatever – Trialpay. Offerpal, one of the largest offer providers, is responding to that decision. With layoffs. In… Read More

  • Facebook Begins Testing 'Offers' Payment Option Beyond Games

    Last month, Facebook started experimenting with a new payment option for a select handful of game developers: it began supporting Offers as a way to earn its virtual currency, Facebook Credits. Now, the site is beginning to expand that test — this morning I noticed that clicking the ‘Get More Credits’ link at the top of Facebook’s application page showed me a new… Read More

  • Social Game Publishers Hit Payday From Mother's Day Flower Offers

    Thanks to the increase in number of gamers signing up for flower delivery offers for Moms, Mother’s Day was payday for social game publishers this year, with ad-funded payments skyrocketing during the holiday. TrialPay, a startup that powers an offers-based payments platform on Facebook, has released a number of data points that show the strength of the Mother’s Day market this… Read More

  • Scamville? No. But You Can Now Get Facebook Credits Via Offers

    It was probably too lucrative to ignore – Facebook is now directly in the offers business (yes, all that Scamville stuff) as a way to pay for Facebook Credits, which can then be used to buy virtual goods in games and other apps on Facebook. We reported that this was in the works earlier this week. They’re starting things off very carefully with offers only from TrialPay and… Read More

  • Tragedy Of The Social Gaming Commons: A Blueprint For Change

    In an efficient ad marketplace, the top keyword usually goes to whoever can spend the most money on it, normalized for conversion. Who can afford to spend the most money? Unfortunately, it’s not always the company with the best product, service, or price; under pure laissez faire advertising, it can be the company that tricks, lies, and steals more pennies out of each customer than… Read More

  • TrialPay Bundles A Bunch Of Deals To Raise Money For Cancer

    If I told you that you can get over $700 worth of stuff for $29.99, you’d probably be interested. But you’d also likely think there was a catch. And there is — but in this case it’s a good one: The net proceeds of that $29.99 are being donated to the American Cancer Society. TheBigBundle is a site put together by TrialPay. Basically, they rounded up a bunch of tech… Read More

  • TrialPay Taps Europe For Big Second Round Of Financing

    San Francisco based TrialPay will announce a $12.7 million second round of financing tomorrow, which brings them to $15.8 million raised in total. They tapped European money for the round, bringing in London based Atomico, as well as previous investors Index Ventures, Baseline Ventures and Battery Ventures. The service provides users with an alternative payment method at 3,000 or so… Read More

  • Fuzzy Math That Works? TrialPay Says They Can Make Money From Free Products

    Maybe you want to try Skype-out, but don’t want to be saddled with paying for unused minutes if the “VOIP revolution in telephony” isn’t your thing. Well, Mountain View-based TrialPay will let you get a 3 month trial of free minutes by buying something on eBay or participating in any of 129 other partner offers. The Skype deal is just one example of… Read More