• Treemo Becomes Mobile Media Distribution Platform with Widgets, Facebook Application

    Treemo is a site where you can upload all types of media (photos, videos, audio clips, and text) from your mobile phone or desktop computer and share them with either the general public or just your friends. Until now, the only way to get your Treemo-hosted content distributed elsewhere on the Internet was to use RSS feeds, but the company has just released a set of embeddable widgets and… Read More

  • VCs Push 3Guppies Into The Deadpool

    In a rather sad end to 2007, the venture firm behind mobile media startup 3Guppies, VantagePoint, has closed down the company. This is despite still having $8 million of an original $20 million (raised in April 2006) left to burn in the bank. VentureBeat reports that the company’s 40 employees were sent home last week, but will be paid through the end of the month. 3 Guppies was… Read More

  • Treemo to build a home for concerned multimedia producers

    The growth of user generated multimedia doesn’t appear set to slow down any time soon and new company launches in this space don’t either. For those interested in combining photos, video, audio and text in one community the newest entry to the space is today’s launch of Seattle, Washington’s Treemo. Revenue sharing, Creative Commons licensing and a hardware… Read More