Treasury Prime

Fintech is a mess. Is BaaS the outlier?

Banking-as-a-service involves a lot of facets and can be quite confusing, so we spoke to some experts who could make sense of it all.

Proving that banking as a service is hotter than ever, Treasury Prime raises $40M Series C

Treasury Prime co-founder and CEO Chris Dean believes that the best outcomes for consumers will result from traditional banks and fintechs working together. The banking-as-a-service startup has worked

Treasury Prime raises $20M to scale its banking-as-a-service biz

This morning Treasury Prime, a banking-as-a-service startup that delivers its product via APIs, announced that it has closed a $20 million Series B. The capital comes around a year since the startup a

How one company reached revenues of $200M without VC money

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Treasury Prime raises $9M to bring its banking APIs to market

Treasury Prime, a startup that built software tooling to help banks automate and accelerate routine tasks, announced today that it has closed a $9 million Series A. The new capital was sourced from Am