• Will Air France-KLM's Social Network Bluenity Fly? I Like Dopplr Better.

    Airline group Air France-KLM, formed after the merger of Société Air France and the Royal Dutch Airlines and currently the largest airline company in the world in terms of operating revenues, has recently launched a social network for travelers called Bluenity to connect its +75 million customers when traveling (presumably so that they can meet up with strangers). An airline moving into… Read More

  • TravelMuse May Be The Undecided Traveler's Dream Come True

    You’ve got a week in vacation time that’s about to expire, an economic stimulus check that’s burning a hole in your pocket, and a passport that hasn’t been opened since the Clinton administration. So, where to? TravelMuse (formerly known as TripOvation) just launched in public beta, and is looking to help. The site asks users a series of simple questions and, using… Read More