This is what diversity is like at trash startup Rubicon

It’s rare to see a tech company report higher than a ten percent black employee population, but that’s what Atlanta-based Rubicon Global just did.┬áThe trash and recycling company, which h

Recycle that old dumpster into a swimming pool

<img src="" alt="dumpster" />Got a spare dumpster lying around? The economy's down, so maybe the average family of four isn't throwing

Bic and Orange team up to make Bic Phone, fill landfills

After so many years with them glued to our ears, being stuck without your cell phone sucks. Pay phones are getting harder to find (plus, you’ll catch the herp), and pre-paid cell phones require

R2-D2 Trashcan

Since its release a bunch of decades ago, “Star Wars” has been the ultimate fare of geekdom. Anyone who can legitimately call oneself a nerd has seen the films, probably more than once, an