Jeffrey Tambor quits Amazon’s “Transparent” after being accused of sexual harassment

Jeffrey Tambor says he will leave Amazon Studios series “Transparent” after being accused of sexual harassment by two women. While Tambor continues to deny the allegations, he told Deadline that h

Netflix Just Raised The Price Of Its Most Popular Plan

Surprise! Netflix just got more expensive. The service’s most popular plan now costs $9.99. Existing customers will have a grace period, but the price is effectively immediately for new subscrib

Video: Hands On With KDDI's Transparent X-Ray Cell Phone

<img src="" /> Last week, we reported about the <a href="

CEATEC 2010: Eyes-On With TDK's Bendable And Transparent OLEDs (Video)

<img src="" /> A pleasant surprise at this year's CEATEC: TDK's two passive matrix mini OLED panels, one of which is transpare

LG to roll out the LG-GD900 in 40 countries next month

<img src="" /> It was first shown to the general public <a href="

Japanese company develops double-sided touchscreen

At the Sign & Display Show 2008 in Tokyo (that ends tomorrow), a company called Teraokaseiko [JP] is exhibiting a transparent touch display, based on an inorganic electroluminescent panel, that ca