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Asus Announces A Ridiculous Solution For Its Flawed Transformer Prime Android Tablet

The Transformer Prime is <a href="">a fantastic example</a> of a product rushed to market. It

Judge: Asus Transformer Isn’t Infringing On Hasbro’s Trademark – And Asus Reveals Embarrassing Sales Stats

A federal judge has ruled that Asus' Transformer Prime tablet <a href="">does not infringe on Hasbro's Transformer

Asus To Transformer Owners: “Here Is Your Unlocked Bootloader. Happy Now?”

The <a HREF="">Asus</a> <a HREF="">Transformer</a> Prime was the great, grey hope for many Android lovers - until they realize

Asus Transformer Prime Users Still Reporting Major GPS Issue After Official Fix

Right on cue, Asus started rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to Transformer Prime tablets last week. The update not only brought Android 4.0 to the tablet, but also a fix for the lackluster GPS performan

It Had To Happen Eventually: Hasbro Sues Asus Over Transformer Name

Call me naive, but I just assumed that when Asus showed off a device called the <a href="">Trans