NASA is using a mixed reality space station to train astronauts

NASA has always embraced emerging technology for visualization, even if that tech was seemingly developed for frivolous entertainment. We recently covered its holographic Mars exhibit, and the man

AWS moves into IT training and job placement with re:Start, a UK cloud skills program

Amazon’s cloud storage business AWS has been gradually expanding into a range of cloud services for people not to simply host their business or app with AWS, but to use the platform for produc

Unity releases EditorVR preview so game designers can build VR inside VR

Unity is making a huge bet on VR and is aiming to ensure that developers have plenty of reasons to build their virtual reality titles on the company’s game engine. Today, the company has releas

VR creators make content to put people into the news and natural disasters

VR isn’t all fun and games. One company is using it to put VR users in the middle of breaking news stories and to show them what it feels like to face a natural or man-made disaster. For example

McDonald’s Teams With General Assembly For Employee Training Pilot

McDonald’s announced a partnership with General Assembly today at South by Southwest. They are launching a pilot program in which a small subset of McDonald’s employees can take one of tw

Gradberry Aims To Bridge The College Grad Skills Gap

Last year as I was visiting colleges with my son, I noticed schools often had facilities to train students with a distinctly 20th century bent, but lacked the modern skills training students will need

One Company Betting On Oculus Rift As The Platform For VR HR Training

The Oculus Rift and its creator Oculus VR have been purchased by Facebook, and that's causing some, including Minecraft developer Mojang, to reconsider their projects for the platform. But others are

GuideSpark Raises $15M To Become Your One-Stop HR Training Resource

Menlo Park-based startup GuideSpark has raised a new $15 million Series B from NEA, as well as existing investors Storm Ventures and IDG Ventures. GuideSpark previously raised $5 million in a Series A

Developer Training Platform Pluralsight Acquires PeepCode To Expand Into Open-Source Content

<a target="_blank" href="">Pluralsight</a>, the online training resource targeting professional developers which announced its raise of <a href="

With 15K Businesses On Board, BetterCloud Lands $5M To Help Accelerate The Adoption Of Google Apps In The Enterprise

For years, Microsoft has been the king of the world's offices, as its own Office productivity suite dominating the market. If you've worked in an office in the last 20 years -- preferably at one with

The Ultimate Guide To The 50+ Hottest Health And Fitness Apps, Gadgets And Startups Of The Year

The holidays wreak havoc on our bodies, with their mandatory over-indulgence in food as well as family and reminiscences. As we reflect on the year past -- its victories and losses -- we also begin lo

Linux For The Real World

The recent <a href="">Linux Foundation</a> report about the <a href="">Linux jobs</a> market highlig

Coachya: Athlete Management Made Easy for Personal Trainers

With no shortage of products and services that target small businesses in a generic way, some verticals really do need dedicated solutions. Personal trainers are one such group. Never having reall

Doctors learning how to operate using robots

<img src="" />You probably haven't heard about the Da Vinci surgical <a href="">robot</a>, but it's bee

Thanks to research, decent 3D displays getting closer to reality

So CNN has this quick little piece on innovations involving holographic television. You know, something along the lines of “don’t look now, but in just a few years you could be watching ESPN a

Using Second Life and a Wiimote For Job Training

They’re training to be Power Rangers Not a week goes by that there’s not a Second Life story to hate on. This Friday edition of “Second Life is really, really, really stupid” b