• Reframe It Retreads Web Annotation As A Browser Add-On

    The idea of annotating the Web has been around for a long time. It goes back to a failed Web 1.0 startup called Third Voice. Today there are a handful of Web startups (Diigo, Fleck, Stickis, ShiftSpace, TrailFire) that let you mark up any Web page by adding virtual sticky notes or comments in a sidebar. One of these, ActiveWeave, had to reboot as BlogRover and eventually sold itself to… Read More

  • Five Ways to Mark Up the Web

    In 1999, Eng-Sion Tan and two friends launched Third Voice, a browser plugin that would let anyone make annotations on webpages. The intent was to encourage freer speech on the internet, but many slammed it as “Web Graffiti.” The company eventually shut down. The idea of web page annotation didn’t die with Third Voice, though. New services, each with unique features… Read More

  • Blaze Away with Trailfire

    Seattle-based Trailfire just launched. It’s a combination of a social bookmarking service (such as and a social web page annotation tool (see our coverage of the yet-to-launch Stickis). Basically, your comments and annotations are published on both your personal Trailfire page as well as on the website itself, for viewing by you and others with the Trailfire extension. To… Read More