Netflix tests video promos in between episodes, much to viewers’ dislike

Netflix is testing video promos that play in between episodes of shows a viewer is streaming, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The promos are full-screen videos, personalized to the user, featurin

Watch the big baddies get bigger in new ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ trailer

Pacific Rim: Uprising knows how you like your robots: Huge, and piloted by John Boyega speaking in his actual English accent. Also it knows how you like your Kaiju monsters — larger than ever be

Vungle Hustles Its Way Into $2M All-Star Seed Round For Mobile App Video Trailers Network

<a href="">Vungle</a>, a new company that wants to help mobile developers market their apps through video "trailers," has just raised an enormous $2 million seed round from the who's

First Dark Knight Rises Trailer Hits The Web

Warner Bros. Pictures just released the first trailer for the <a href="">The Dark Night Rises</a> on the movie's official <a href="

First Full Trailer For Green Lantern Movie Arrives

<img src="" /> <a href="">Yahoo Movies</a> just released the first theatrical tra

Full Trailer For Transformers 3 Hits The Web

<img src="" /> <a href="">In December 2

Trailer: Final Fantasy III Lands On The App Store

<img src="" /> One of the best RPGs ever made, Square Enix' Final Fantasy III, is now available in the <a href="

Video: US Trailer For Adult Adventure Game CATHERINE Hits The Web

<img src="" /> After having scored 35 out of 40 points from the Famitsu, Atlus' "adult" game <a href="

First "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" Trailer Hits The Web

<img src="" /> Transformers 3 (full title: <a href="">Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

New Iron Man 2 trailer is here (and it's awesome)

<img src="" /> We've given you a first look at <a href="">Iron Man 2</a> way <a href="http://www.c

A new Tron Legacy trailer for your edification

DWalk sent us in a tip about a new trailer for Tron. It’s been pretty hard to track down but I think we caught it in the wild. It’s nigh on unwatchable, but any artifact from a potentially

E3 2009: Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer, shooting grenades in mid-air edition

<img src="" />This, if you haven't already seen it on G4 or whatever, is the d├ębut trailer of <i>Splinter Cell: Conviction</i>. Sam ha

Video: Here's the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

<img src="" />Yes, that's Ghostface rapping in this, the first official trailer of <i>Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars</i>. Lik

Yup, there's a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer all right

<img src="" alt="newff13t" />Eh-kysa knybrelc! Oac, dra <a HREF="

Should we expect a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer in five days?

<img src="" />Go ahead and visit <a HREF=""></a> right now. A five-day countdo

Video: Here's the new Watchmen trailer

You probably need to be a comic book connoisseur to appreciate this, but here’s the new trailer for the upcoming movie Watchmen. Like the trailer that debuted alongside The Dark Knight, it still

Bungie's countdown clicks to zero, new project teaser released

After 12 hours of anticipation, the countdown that hit Bungie’s front page last night has finally clicked its way down to zero. Once finished, the standard front page was replaced, with a news i

GI Joe, Watchmen, Star Trek trailers viewed, commented upon positively

Not Marlon Wayans For those of you who are still interested in seeing the potential train wreck that will be G.I. Joe: The Live Action Film and/or Star Trek and a few other future Oscar winners, we ar

Dreamworks' Monsters Vs. Aliens trailer sneaks online, stars CrunchGear mascot Almost a week after ComicCon, trailers revealed during the panels continue to leak online. The above is the trailer for Dreamworks’ upcoming flick, Monsters

'X-Files: I Want To Believe' trailer

Apologies if you’ve seen this before, but it says “New trailer” on YouTube and was added today, so who am I to argue? This movie looks awesome, by the way. It’ll be out on July
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