Amazon Prime members get exclusive sneak peek of ‘Lord of the Rings’ series

As part of the promotion for Amazon’s annual Prime Day shopping event, Prime members were given an exclusive 60-second sneak peek at Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming series “The Lord of the Rings:

Apple TV+’s ‘For All Mankind’ season three trailer drops, teasing a space race to Mars

Apple TV+ released the trailer for season three of “For All Mankind,” which returns to the service on Friday, June 10, featuring 10 weekly episodes. By altering historical events, the dram

Autonomous yard trucking startup Outrider comes out of stealth with $53 million in funding

The 400,000 distribution yards located in the U.S. are critical hubs for the supply chain. Now one startup is aiming to make the yard truck — the centerpiece of the distribution yard — more effici

Four must-haves for the Tesla ‘Cybertruck’ all-electric pickup truck

Tesla is set to unveil its pickup this week and it needs to be widely different from its current lineup. The current line of Tesla vehicles share a lot of parts, and, logically, the Tesla pickup will

Spotify’s podcasting app Anchor now helps you make trailers

Spotify’s simple podcasting suite, Anchor, is today introducing a new feature designed to help creators promote their podcast: trailers. On the Anchor app for iOS and Android, podcasters will no

Joaquin Phoenix goes full Rupert Pupkin in new ‘Joker’ trailer

Batman’s greatest nemesis has never had a consistent backstory — and honestly, that’s always been part of his appeal. In a medium where origins are everything, the threads of the Joker’s tale

Spider-Man’s European vacation gets cut short in ‘Far From Home’ trailer

Even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man needs a vacation. Between all of the mild-mannered studenting and Avenger-style world saving (not to mention what transpired during Infinity War), Peter Park

Funny Or Die’s Steve Jobs Movie Trailer Looks To Strike A Perfect Balance Of All Hype, No Substance

Steve Jobs was a rare CEO in that he inspired myths and legends not just among employees, but also among the general public. An executive whose name is recognizable to people not involved in his indus

Dodonpachi Resurrection: New iPhone Bullet Hell Shooter Gets Trailer

<img src="" /> Good news if you're a fan of <a href="">bullet hell shooters

Full Thor Trailer Leaks Online. And It's Awesome.

<img src="" /> We gave you a first picture <a href="

First trailer for Resident Evil 4: Afterlife is here

<img src="" /> We've given you the first plot details and pictures <a href="

Warren Lich concept trailer

Loyal readers, I give you a Steampunk Sin City concept made on 1000 Euros. Now if one of you could kindly tell me what in the world is going on in it? via [Dvorak Uncensored]

Chaos Rings: Square Enix releases fantastic trailer for iPhone-exclusive RPG

<img src="" /> Japanese video gaming powerhouse <a href="">Square Enix</a> has released a ha

Tron Legacy trailer hits the web in high quality

<img src="" /> We've shown you the new <a href="">Tron</a> trailer <a href="http://www.crunchge

New Prince of Persia trailer looks awesome

<img src="" /> In November last year, we've shown you not <a href="

Final Fantasy for iPhone: First trailer and new screenshots

<img src="" /> In case you haven't heard already, <a href="">Final Fant

They made a King of Fighters live-action movie and the trailer looks terrible

<img src="" /> Since the 1990s, 2D fighting game series<a href="

New Japanese Avatar trailer features new scenes

<img src="" /> Reactions to John Cameron's next big movie <a href="">Avatar</a>, scheduled fo

International Prince of Persia trailer with new scenes

<img src="" /> We showed you the American trailer for the upcoming <a href="">Prin

The first Avatar trailer is here (update: American version)

<img title="avatar" src="" /> James Cameron's highly anticipated Sci-Fi movie <a href="">Avatar</a> (
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