traffic shaping

  • German study finds Comcast blocking BitTorrent traffic all day long, every day

    Flickr’d No day is complete without some sort of Comcast-bashing; I oblige. A German study has found that BitTorrent blocking really only occurs in two countries, here in the U.S. and in Singapore. Moreover, only cable ISPs bother to block BitTorrent traffic. The ISPs? Why, none other than Comcast and Cox, the two darlings of American Internet access. Read More

  • Proposed law would make Internet traffic interference illegal

    [photopress:ccastt.jpg,full,center] More Comcast fallout for your Wednesday afternoon. The ISP told the FCC yesterday that, yes, it does slow down Internet traffic for the greater good. The corp recently updated its TOS to reflect the fact that it shapes traffic. So that, in and of itself, isn’t new or exciting. The blowback that’s developing is, however. A bill will be introduced… Read More

  • FCC to investigate Comcast's alleged traffic shaping

    [photopress:fcccomcast.jpg,full,center] The FCC didn’t buy Comcast’s explanation, either. The Federal Communications Commission will investigate Comcast over alleged traffic interference (and at the same time reveal its attitude toward Net Neutrality). You may remember last year’s Associated Press investigation (and the subsequent lawsuit) that found Comcast actively… Read More

  • Comcasts says it only 'delays' BitTorrent traffic, doesn't block it

    Comcast, in responding to last week’s AP investigation that found it blocks BitTorrent traffic, said today it only “delays” the traffic and doesn’t outright block it. You know, like picking up a phone and getting a busy signal. Right… Ladies and germs, if you believe that line of rubbish you should be ashamed of yourself. The Philly-based company said it has a… Read More