Google required to remove ads that violate trademarks, Indian court rules

The Delhi High Court has ruled that Google’s Ads program falls under the purview of the country’s Trademarks Act and the company must remove ads that infringe upon trademarks in a major d

US Patent and Trademark Office notifies filers of years-long data leak

The federal government agency responsible for granting patents and trademarks has confirmed it inadvertently exposed about 61,000 filers’ private addresses in a years-long data spill. The U.S. P

We don’t need no stinking trademarks: GetHenry changes name to Cycle

Fresh off a $17.4 million fundraise in May, GetHenry announced it is changing its name to Cycle, reflecting both the fact that the company makes bicycles and tricycles, and highlighting the company&#8

TrademarkVision uses machine learning to make finding logos as easy as a reverse image search

A company's logo is an important part of its identity, but the process behind defining, registering and protecting these trademarks is a convoluted and rather archaic one. A startup called TrademarkVi

Evaluating IP infringement risks for designers and consumers of 3D printing services

Incredible design and manufacturing capabilities are available to almost anyone right now, thanks to 3D printing services and the designers/makers who populate those services’ marketplaces with desi

Intellectual property strategies for startups

Intellectual property protection is an important consideration for most startups. Obtaining intellectual property protection, such as patents, can minimize competition and act as a defensive mechanism

New Trademarkia Feature Exposes Biggest Trademark Bullies; Apple, Zynga Among Top Five

For a long time, it was easy to search for <a href="">patents on the Web</a>, but trademarks? Not so much. Thanks to startups like TechCrunch 50 grad <a href="http://www.t

Should Nintendo do anything to help out the makers of the Weemote?

Does Nintendo owe Fobis Technologies, maker of the Weemote, anything? Did it infringe upon the tiny Florida-based company’s trademark? Donna wants to know. Well, Time wants to know. The Weemote,

Apple says NYC's new apple logo infringes on its trademark

So the Internet is freaking out because of this Wired story detailing an Apple, Inc. complaint against the City of New York and its new “green” Apple logo. Because Apple, the company, is r

Apple might make a handheld game console AND/OR make a robotic monkey to fetch your colostomy bag

Apple just trademarked some sort of weird logo for a hand-held gaming rig which everyone is speculating is actually some sort of very exciting Apple-branded handheld game system that will work with iT

Cisco and Apple Reach iPhone Trademark Agreement

Word from Cupertino is that Apple and Cisco have resolved their dispute involving the iPhone trademark. In the agreement, both companies are free to use the iPhone name throughout the world and neithe