The Worst Possible Name For Your Brand And Three Things You Can Learn From It

Let’s say you want to come up with a great brand name for a new beverage brand you’re launching. You know what consumers are looking for, and you’re the creative type. What’s the biggest namin

Pintrips Files A Motion To Dismiss Pinterest’s Trademark Suit, Says ‘Pin’ Is Too Generic

Pins, pins everywhere! Back in October, we reported on a <a href="

European Trademark Office Says Pinterest Doesn’t Own ‘Pinterest’ – Social News Startup Premium Interest Does

Pinterest raised a $225 million round in <a href="">October 2013</a> to help fuel its international expansion, but a recen

Pinterest Or Pintrips? Pinterest Files A Trademark Infringement Suit Against Travel Planning Startup

<a target="_blank" href="">Pinterest</a> has made a point of <a target="_blank" href="">discouraging</a> the many social media co

Pinterest And Path To Battle Over Letter “P” Logo Trademark

Are the <a target="_blank" href="">Path</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Pinterest</a> logos too similar? Path apparently thinks so. The mobile messaging s

Microsoft Will Rebrand SkyDrive After It Settles Trademark Case With Sky Broadcasting

British Sky Broadcasting Group and Microsoft today announced that they have settled the trademark infringement arguments in Europe that Sky brought against Microsoft in an English court. As a result o

UK’s BSkyB Wins Case Against Microsoft Over Use Of “SkyDrive” Name In Europe; May Have To Drop Name Or Pay Fines

<a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft</a> went <a target="_blank" href="">big on pushing cloud services</a> this week at its Build conference, but today it

Report: US Patent And Trademark Office Denies Apple’s iPad Mini Trademark Application, Deemed “Merely Descriptive”

Right after it launched the iPad mini, Apple filed a trademark application for the name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). As Patently Apple noticed earlier today, however, th

Apple And Amazon Ordered To Talk Settlement In “App Store” Trademark Dispute

Apple and Amazon are fighting over made up words, as you may well be aware. Apple takes issue with Amazon's use of "Appstore," the name for the online retailer's marketplace of Android software, which

Russian Railways Sues Apple Over Trademark Infringement Online In The Apple Store

Europe's state railways continue to pick up steam in their lawsuits against <a target="_blank" href="">Apple</a>. Today, it emerged that Russian Railways has <a target="_blank" hre

Startups Vs. Startups: App Developer Gets Sued By Lightbank-Backed WhosHere

So here's a story that hopefully will be an eye-opener for entrepreneurs and startups, while providing a painful peek into trademark harassment and the importance of due diligence. It goes a little so

Pair vs. Pair: Pair The App Is Getting Sued By Pair Networks, The Hosting Company

It was <a href="">less than a week ago</a> that Tenthbit, the developers of the buzzy,

Wapple Wins Trademark Battle Over Apple

While Apple is busy fighting Proview over the iPad trademark in China, it has lost a different trademark battle in Europe: Wapple, the mobile web developers, have won a suit filed by Apple over its na Sues Facebook, Says Its New Timeline Feature Could “Eliminate” Them

<a href="">Timelines Inc.</a>, a small venture capital-backed Chicago company that operates the <a href=""></a> website, has

Apple attempting to trademark 'thinnovation'

The European Trademark Office has today published an application by Apple for dibs on the word “thinnovation”. And what’s more, it’s not just for computers and notebooks, but f

Futuremark attempts to pwn trademark law

I don’t know if this is more or less ridiculous than Marvel claiming sole ownership of “super hero.” At least they had a hand in, if not creating from scratch, at least popularizing

Cisco Grants Stay of iPhone Execution

Today was supposed to be the iPhone trademark’s Judgement Day for Apple, as Cisco had set a February 16 deadline for Apple to respond to its lawsuit regarding the name. In a move that makes us a