Lenovo invests in trackpad startup Sensel

Sensel’s journey has been an interesting one to watch from afar. The firm crossed our radar several years back, courtesy of its Morph device, a colorful and clever piece of hardware that uses differ

Blackberry Onyx has identity crisis, steals Gemini's trackpad

Onyx, I think it’s time we had a talk. Look, we know that your brothers Bold and Tour have set the bar pretty high. Hell, I’d cut a toe off for either one right now if I could. In the end

Apple issues MacBook glass trackpad patch

The CrunchGear staff has, over the years, grown weary of most Apple products being borked in their first iteration, so we’ve all refrained from purchasing a new MacBook and/or MacBook Pro as the

‘Noahpad’ UMPC demo: Keyboard + trackpad combo

[youtube] Here’s what appears to be a UMPC with a keyboard that doubles as a gigantic multi-touch trackpad. The screen folds all the way over, p

First impressions of the Penryn MacBook Pro

Having spent the last few hours reinstalling apps and customizing to my specific liking, I’ve noticed that using the multi-touch on the new Penryn MBP isn’t what I imagine it to be. The tr