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European carriers file to create joint venture for opt-in ad targeting of mobile users

European telcos are moving ahead with a plan to create a joint venture to offer opt-in “personalized” ad targeting of regional mobile network users following trials last year in Germany. A

Reports of Musk forcing tracking ads on Twitter put him on a costly collision course with EU privacy laws

Twitter’s lead privacy regulator in the European Union is being kept very busy indeed by Elon Musk’s erratic piloting of the bird site. Following a report by Platformer, which suggests Mus

Meta’s surveillance biz model targeted in UK ‘right to object’ GDPR lawsuit

Meta’s surveillance-based business model is facing an interesting legal challenge in the U.K. from an individual who’s suing over its continued processing of her data for ad targeting &#82

EU’s digital rule-book reboot could fumble dark patterns ban and trader checks, warns BEUC

When the European Commission presented its Digital Services Act (DSA) proposal in December 2020, it listed beefed up consumer protections as a headline goal for the flagship update to the bloc’s

Europe’s top privacy regulator calls for ban on political microtargeting

The European Union’s chief privacy and data protection regulator has urged EU policymakers to strengthen proposed ‘transparency’ rules for political ads — calling instead for m

European parliament backs big limits on tracking ads

The European Parliament has definitively backed major limits on behavioral advertising during a plenary vote on amendments to the pan-EU Digital Services Act (DSA). The move looks set to crank up pres

European Parliament’s IMCO backs limits on tech giants’ ability to run tracking ads

In what looks like bad news for adtech giants like Facebook and Google, MEPs in the European Parliament have voted for tougher restrictions on how internet users’ data can be combined for ad tar

EU’s data protection adviser latest to call for ban on tracking ads

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB), an expert steering body which advises EU lawmakers on how to interpret rules wrapping citizen’s personal data, has warned the bloc’s legislators