• Toys Grow Up: LittleBits Picks Up $3.65M, PCH Deal To Build Out Its Open-Source Hardware Vision

    Toys Grow Up: LittleBits Picks Up $3.65M, PCH Deal To Build Out Its Open-Source Hardware Vision

    LittleBits, an “open source hardware” startup that makes electronic building blocks to design objects for work and play, has today announced the addition of two significant building blocks of its own: it has picked up $3.65 million in funding; and has signed a manufacturing deal with PCH International to scale up its business. The Series A round of funding was led by True… Read More

  • Kickstarter: Turn Your iPad Into An Etch-A-Sketch

    Kickstarter: Turn Your iPad Into An Etch-A-Sketch

    Looking to relive your childhood or turn your iPad into a hackneyed political pun? You’d best get over to Ari Krupnik’s Kickstarter project. For $60 you get a red or blue case that simulates the actual Etch-A-Sketch knobs, allowing you to perform all of the deft maneuvers to which you’re accustomed. Stair steps? Easy. Long curve? Go for it. Horrible script writing? Read More

  • This Real RC Car Transformer Is Ready To Roll Out

    This Real RC Car Transformer Is Ready To Roll Out

    If you watch one homemade Japanese RC car transformer video today, make it this one. This amazing little roadster switches from sports car to dancing robot in a few seconds and it can even walk while in robot mode, and, more important, transform back into a car in the blink of an eye. Read More

  • Review: The Sphero, A Ball With Personality

    Review: The Sphero, A Ball With Personality

    The first time I was chased around a room by a glowing, buzzing ball I was in college and I had just come home from a rave. The last time was when I opened the Sphero and set it loose on my rug. The Sphero is a ball with a brain. Designed by Orbotix, this 3-inch toy has an internal motor and a set of LEDs that can make it flash nearly any color of the rainbow. It’s run by iOS or Android… Read More

  • TechCrunch Gift Guide 2011: Best Toys

    TechCrunch Gift Guide 2011: Best Toys

    If you’re an Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, Grandmother, Godmother, Godfather, Foster Parent, or just plain old mommy or daddy, you might have some kids on your holiday shopping list. These are some interesting toys that I’ve come across this year and all have a certain high-tech edge that adults and kids alike can enjoy. Read More

  • Hands On With The AppXRacer From AniApp

    Hands On With The AppXRacer From AniApp

    If you’re a fan of the Parrot AR.Drone, you’ll probably get a kick out its earthbound relative, the AirXRacer by AniApp. I got a first hands on with this iPhone- or Android-controlled racecar in Shenzhen and you will be able to pick it up this holiday season. The car is a standard RC racer that, as you can see, is quite fast. You control it using your phone’s accelerometer… Read More

  • Buckyballs? So Passé

    Buckyballs? So Passé

    Just in time for the Ides of October, ThinkGeek brings us magnetic BuckyCubes, small, 4mm cubes that slide and slip together to create unique shapes. The kit comes with 125 rare earth magnets that can be combined and organized into various shapes. Read More

  • Lego Tries Augmented Reality With “Life Of George” Game

    Lego Tries Augmented Reality With “Life Of George” Game

    Lego (or LEGO if you’re adamant about trademarks) has just dipped another toe into electronic gaming with their clever “Life Of George” iOS title. The game uses 144 pieces and a piece of cardboard covered in a dotted pattern. The game is simple: George shows you a picture from his travels and asks you to recreate it using Legos. You have to dig around in your box of pieces… Read More

  • Griffin Releases iPhone-Controlled Toy Helicopter

    Griffin Releases iPhone-Controlled Toy Helicopter

    For a mere $50 you, too, can own a small, iPhone-controlled helicopter made by a company that has been traditionally known for selling phone cases. Like Parrot before them, Griffin is branching out from its traditional product line and offering this small dual-rotor helicopter that is, in general, controlled via IR commands sent using a special dongle attached to the iPhone. There is full… Read More

  • Nerf’s New Vortex Blasters Shoot Discs! And They’re Awesome!

    Nerf’s New Vortex Blasters Shoot Discs! And They’re Awesome!

    When I was growing up, one of my all-time favorite toys was my Nerf Super Soaker. Every summer, the other neighborhood kids and I would take off on our bikes, Super Soakers strapped to our backs, and have a full-on water war. It’s been a solid decade since I’ve raised my not-so-dangerous weapon, but the other night something magical happened. I got to go to Nerf’s unveiling… Read More

  • anaPad iPad Toy Teaches Children To Retreat Socially From Boring Situations

    Kindness, sociability, affection, appreciation of others: those are the things your child could be learning if we didn’t just slap down an iPad in front of them every time life gets a little crowded and they get a little bored. But what about the smallest of the younglings? What can they do to have a good time while we amuse ourselves into the sweet release of e-toxicity? Why not pick up… Read More

  • Fake USB Cable? Check. Hilarity? Guaranteed!

    This $5 fake USB cable connects to almost anything (bananas included) and lets you pretend you have some of the coolest gadgets in the office. Want to make a Bananaputer? It’s only a click away. Read More

  • Inventables: For Your Weekend Fun

    I remember poring over Uncle Milton Catalogs as a wee lad but I doubt old Milt has rubber glass, oil-absorbing polymers, or conductive foam sensors in his bag of tricks. That’s where Inventibles comes in. These guys are a one-stop shop for wild materials and scientific tools and I’m kind of salivating just going through the lists of items. Read More

  • Ned Strongin, Co-Inventor Of Connect 4, Dead At 92

    Ned Strongin, co-inventor of Connect 4, passed away on April 9 of this year. He also invented Weebles, the little toys that wobble but don’t fall down. Strongin was 92. Read More

  • Toys R Us Soon To Be iPads R Us

    While at first glance, it may seem a little strange that Toys R Us is apparently planning on selling the iPad 2, it really makes a lot of sense. Apple is pursuing different market angles, and one of them is the e-reader one, and kids love the big full-color interactive titles in iBooks. To be honest, I’d expect a whole section of Toys R Us to be dedicated to color e-readers soon. Read More

  • Video: Talking Parakeet Toy Repeats What You Say, Randomly Blurts Out Phrases

    Takara Tomy in Japan has started selling Manekko P-Chan [JP], a small parakeet toy that repeats what you say (4 seconds maximum), twice, and just seconds after “hearing” your voice. You can also “teach” P-Chan phrases that it stores in its memory and repeats at random times later, just like a real bird would do. Read More

  • Actually A Fantastic Idea: Hasbro's My3DNow 3D iPhone ViewMaster

    Most people over the age of 20 will remember the ViewMaster toys that let you see slideshows from your favorite movies and cartoons in 3D. Shabby, static 3D, but still. Well, Hasbro has put out a product that, while it sounds ridiculous at first, is actually sheer genius. Replace the slide wheels with an iPhone! It’s brilliant! Read More

  • Video: Cute Teddy Bear Charatter Reads Tweets For You

    On Friday, we’ve shown you Twimal, a super-cute USB toy for Twitter users that can read specific tweets out loud (so you don’t have to look at the computer screen to follow your time line). But before Takara Tomy, a smaller Japanese toy company called WiZ has brought the so-called Charatter [JP] to the Japanese market, a teddy bear that’s able to do the same. Read More

  • Twimal: Super-Cute Twitter Toy Pet Reads Tweets For You (Video)

    Japan is crazy about Twitter, and today local toy maker Takara Tomy has announced Twimal (short for “Twitter Animal”) [JP], a super-cute toy “pet” that can reads out tweets loud for you. The white version does this with a female voice, while the blue Twimal uses a male voice. Read More

  • Double Rainbow, In Your Room

    Uncle Milton knows what’s up. This $23 device will throw a beautiful rainbow across your room, complete with multiple colors. Sadly, as one Amazon reviewer notes, “the product projects a rainbow onto the walls, not through the air as displayed in the illustration, but I do have to say that my seven year old and my three year old are completely enchanted.” So it’s not a… Read More

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