• ToysRUs Buys At Auction For $5.1 Million

    In a heated bidding war, ToysRUs bought the domain name at auction for $5.1 million. ToysRus really wanted the domain, for obvious reasons. Everyone except ToysRUs and domain holding company National A-1 (owner of domains such as,,, and bowed out of the auction at $3 million. The last $2 million was just those two companies going back and… Read More

  • The Parent Company Auctions Off Assets, Sells Domain For $1.25 Million

    After (picked up by Yellow Pages for $3.85 million) (bought by Travelzoo for $1.8 million), ($1 million), here’s another high-profile domain name that was just acquired for a 7-figure sum: Faculty Lounge has put $1.25 million on the table for in an auction organized as a result of the recent meltdown of The Parent Company. The Parent Company filed… Read More