Toyota Prius

Toyota’s new autonomous test car 2.0 is a tricked out Lexus

Toyota’s Research Institute (TRI) houses some of the automakers most ambitious future-focused projects, and the R&D organization debuted its new second-generation autonomous safety technolog

Tech War: Prius Prime vs. Hyundai Ioniq

By a lucky coincidence, I had a chance to drive both the 2017 Prius Prime and the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq in the same week. The Prius lineup and the Ioniq lineup are competing for the same buyers, so there

Toyota’s Prius Prime is engineered to give hybrid owners more EV feels

Toyota’s Prius Prime is an updated take on the company’s popular hybrid, with more emphasis on the EV aspects of the vehicle, including a battery with double the driving capacity, and a fe

Another Video Of Google's Automated Toyota Prius (On Its Campus) Arrives

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Purchase your 2010 Honda Insight tomorrow

<img src="">The latest Honda Insight goes on sale tomorrow. We <a href="