Toy Fair

  • 'Elmo Live' at Toy Fair 2008

    [ Here’s a video from Toy Fair 2008 sent to us from Fisher Price. It includes footage of the new “Elmo Live” doll that’ll undoubtedly be making kids go absolutely ape until their parents buy one for them. It’s surprisingly lifelike, although in real life we’ve never seen whatever the hell it is that Elmo’s supposed… Read More

  • Toy Fair Doesn’t Mean Playtime

    It all sounds like a day filled with fun. The New York Javits Convention Center packed with toy companies from around the world. And truth be told, it should be fun. But it never is… maybe the Javits is built on an old Indian burial ground or something, and has cursed the world of toys. More likely it is the fact that toys are big business, and the late middle age men hawking their products… Read More